Why Your Individual Consciousness Matters Most

Believing is seeing because what we believe we see. And what we see we have become.

Good is everywhere we choose to see it. Bad is everywhere we choose to see it. Progress is everywhere we choose to apply it. It’s only recession for the recessive. Progression for the progressive. Health for the healthy. Sickness for the sick. Wealth for the wealthy. Joy for the joyful. Happiness for the happy. Honesty for the honest. Loyalty for the loyal.

You get the drift.

I believe entire Nations can turn around for Nations are just mirror reflections of collective consciousness. The world we live in is the result of the sum of all our consciousness and thoughts put together. The world is not a separate entity, we are the world.

Individual consciousness + individual beliefs = collective consciousness.

The problem is, the individual is baffled. Or is the individual restraining itself thinking it has to give up its own individuality for the collective?

There’s a misunderstanding of what individuality is here. Can you recognize your face in the crowd?

So let’s celebrate the individual more, shall we? A healthy and free individual ultimately equals an healthy collective.

Individuality = the part.

Collective = the sum of the parts.

Be you. Free the world.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









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