10 Things That Keeping Yourself Vibrating High Can Do For You

First I’d like to start by saying I’m guilty for comparing my life to others sometimes. With social media it’s easy to loose sight of reality. That’s why I’m not a social media individual. You won’t find me on Facebook a lot, people. This blog is nearly the only thing I keep up with on a daily. The rest of my time is spent working on being productive or enjoying nature. But I’m only human so it does happen from time to time, I go down the comparison road and succeed at making myself feel like crap lol.

Why do we do that? Why do we look for things that make us feel like garbage? Why do we keep relationships that make us feel like shyt? We’re so wired to be negative that it has become a subconscious problem. It’s a bad habit to loose. It’s a bad habit I’m slowly loosing because it lowers our vibrations when we engage in such derogatory activities and thoughts. We want to keep our vibrations super high almost all the time. At all time? Yes, almost. We don’t need to feel down to have a reason to feel up.

Negativity, pain, suffering, hate and drama are not prerequisites. Let’s loose that belief, shall we?

Here few things that keeping your vibrations high at all time can do for you :

1. keep your stress levels low

2. keep your mind open and healthy

3. keep your heart pumping and happy

4. make all your fears disappear

5. make your intuition more accurate

6. solve your problems

7. manifest more miracles and blessings

8. attract all the right people in your life

9. attract amazing business opportunities

10. attract infinite abundance

… and so much more

Basically, the benefits are grand, my friend. Keeping yourself vibrating at a high frequency at all times will save you lots of unwanted headaches. As you proceed, you will become much more clear headed. We want a clear view of what’s going on but it’s impossible in the midst of low vibrations.

We want to rise above those low vibrationnal clouds that are clouding our vision. Those clouds can take the shape of circumstances and people. So make sure you clean your vibrationnal view.

Stay away from whatever causes you really bad stress and anxiety. Let’s harvest high vibrationnal crops by planting high vibrationnal seeds.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul











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