The Power Of Belief

It has never ever occurred to me that I was self-sabotaging my life and my relationships, until really late two years ago, when I started shifting frequency.

For a very long  time I blamed my adoption. I blamed the slums I was born into. I blamed my culture. I blamed my biological mother for being so irresponsible. I blamed my aunt for not taking me in along with seven of her other children. I blamed my grandfather for dropping me at the orphanage. I blamed the family of low educated farmers who raised me.

I blamed the Government. I blamed the white man. I blame the black man. I blamed the yellow, green and blue men. Hell, I think I even blamed the cat down the road. Oh yeah I used to also blame the family dog for being so small and stupid. She would never play catch with me… or with anyone for that matter. She was the kind of dog who would look at you throwing the stick but never run after it or when she would decide to catch it, she would keep it for herself. It used to drive me nuts lol.

I was so bitter and angry… I thought the Universe owed me some. I used to walk with a chip on my shoulders. So you can only imagine with that kind of attitude how my life unfolded. But, deep down inside, underneath the tough coat I used to wear, I was slowly dying. I believed I was doomed. The beliefs I held kept me in low vibration for a very long time. I  accepted to be treated unfairly so many times. I completely rejected myself. I was in a state of low consciousness and I was not self-aware which is the most terrible place where we can find ourselves.

Self-awareness is the cure. Consciousness. It is said that for the first years of our life, when we are kids all the way o our teenage-hood, our brain is in theta which is associated with hypnosis.

According to Neurosciences, most people will turn adults and never get out of hypnosis. Their brain will forever remain in theta waves. Those adults are easy to spot, in  case you are interested. They are the individuals who live their lives like robots. They run programs. Mainly social programs. But this is for another blog post… Tomorrow I might make a post about brain waves and the different states of awareness, so stay tune.

With that being said, the beliefs and the thoughts we hold either keep us in Theta (hypnosis) or help us grow.

The beliefs we hold are responsible for the chemistry in our body. They are responsible for everything, from how we live to how we die.

This is not some kind of think positive post or maybe it is… Maybe all I’m trying to say is check  your beliefs. It’s okay to question them.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul










7 thoughts on “The Power Of Belief

  1. Questioning long-held beliefs is one of the most difficult, yet most freeing and rewarding experiences we can experience. The biggest impediment for me along the road to ‘finding God’ so-to-speak, was actually gathering the nerve to question things I’d believed wholeheartedly since early childhood. “Believe this or you will suffer for eternity” was terrifying to me as a child.

    Oh! Blog post idea!

    As usual, you get my creative juices flowing, friend! Always a pleasure!

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    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. Yes indeed, questioning beliefs is hard to do because most people define who they are through their beliefs. So questioning their beliefs is like questioning who they are… And questioning who they are makes them feel vulnerable. Not many people are willing to be that vulnerable because we associate vulnerability with weakness and uncertainty etc. That`s why many people do not engage in such intellectual/spiritual activities if you will… But that’s just my take.

      And what about God huh? Hm. It’s a subject I rather not touch publicly or only in the presence of a lawyer lol. People get too sensitive around God… I don’t know…

      I said to one of the readers before that I use the word ‘Universe’ for a reason. It is more opened to self-interpretation and has a broader meaning that more people resonate with… I also said I consider myself to be in the ”unknown” considering many subjects. I do not know. Is there only one God? Or are there several ones? It’s too complex for me. But I do sense strong and ever present vibrations that I would attribute to be God-like… a frequency we turn to from the inside-out. You see, I keep my options open and rather observe from a loving place. However, there is definitely something greater than this physical human experience. Something greater than me, something greater than us 😉

      Hopefully I was not too literal this time lol

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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      1. Please don’t focus on that ‘too literal’ comment I made the other day… truly. I felt that way months ago, before I had figured out I was doing a little projecting of my own, lol. It’s since become quite clear I’m SO guilty of being the one who is always ‘too literal’!
        I wasn’t trying to imply there was anything wrong with how you always do and have responded to me… I love our chats! Change nothing about you, or your replies! Really!

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      2. No hard feelings honestly… My replies can only reflect who I am at the moment of the reply… I can only be me and it can be no other way lol 😉

        By the way, nobody’s guilty here… I think at the end of the day we can only be who we are at the time we are it. And if we are guilty… we can only be guilty for thinking the way we think? I guess I’m guilty for being so philosophical lol!

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    1. Thank you for your time Akuokuo. No you are. Coming here bringing me smiley faces and hearts… My favorite 😊

      Hope all is well with you and you are having a great week so far 😊

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way ❤️❤️💕💕

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