Identifying Yourself With The Lesson Versus Identifying Yourself With The Pain

One thing I am noticing is that all throughout our lives, we often identify ourselves with the pain instead of identifying ourselves with the lessons. We embody the pain. We become it.

That’s because we go through life thinking painful circumstances and experiences define who we are… For instance when we loose something (job, house, car,culture…etc.) or someone (family,spouse,friend…etc.), we often choose to identify ourselves with the loss instead of identifying ourselves with what we have gained in the midst of the loss.

We often fail at seeing the bigger picture. When we choose to identify ourselves with the pain rather than with the lesson, we let pain hypnotize us and when we are hypnotized (tomorrow I will speak about brain waves and the different states of hypnosis), we think one tile on the floor is all there is when the truth is there are many more tiles to consider. We are, actually, most of the time, standing on an entire floor. And each every single tile plays a role in the creation of the floor. Together they are whole.

But seeing the whole and identifying with the lessons is only possible once we are out of hypnosis. So how do we change our brain waves? How do we even know we are in a state of hypnosis? You may wonder am I under hypnosis? It’s something I will try to cover with a lot of research tomorrow. Nevertheless, there are few clues that could suggest you are under hypnosis you can look for right now :

  • Life patterns

  • Career patterns

  • Financial patterns

  • Family patterns

  • Relationship patterns

  • Health patterns

  • Belief patterns

  • …etc.

Any reoccurring patterns in your life could be a clue that your brain is in Thetha. You are considered to be under hypnosis.

Identifying yourself with the lessons instead of the pain will increase your awareness and help with snapping out of hypnosis. In other words, anything that is dis-empowering you put yourself at risk to be under the influence of low vibration and frequency. So go for something that empowers you and raise your vibrations.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul







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