How To Stand Up For Yourself With Love

So yesterday I had to defuse a situation that was pretty bad. The other person was really angry with me and could not contain all her emotions properly. It escalated very quick.

But I was capable to water and smooth things down in a matter of just of few hours. Now, I have solid proof of how emotionally/mentally different we all are and experience the same given situation very differently.

It does not mean that I was not mad or sad or that I did not react out of proportion.  However, after retreating myself from the situation and meditate on the whole thing, I was capable to understand her point of view and see where she was coming from. In the knowing of who I am I was capable to see who she was not. With that information I was able to take my power back by coming from a place of higher consciousness and love which is something I never had the ability to do.

I’m starting to really understand and see what it means to be the more “enlightened” or “conscious” one in the room. It means that you are capable to recognize your own weakness so clearly that you can see right through others and their emotional/mental limitations.

History leaves clues and some people never self-actualized which is bad for them but enlightening for the one who chooses to see. Some people truly are deeply rooted in ego and unconsciousness. They want to be right rather than feel right at all cost. They will remain angry, sad, bitter, avoidant, negative or miserable. They will probably ignore you.

However, if you can see that and see through them, it means you are the most enlightened one in the room. You can see through yourself as well. That’s good news. Why? Because you know you have a choice while they believe they don’t. The choice you have is to decide whether you are going to raise the vibrations or let them pull you down at their vibrationnal frequency.

If I would have not let go of my ego, I think she would still be very angry today as I’m writing these lines. But the situation is back to normal because I understood I was the one who had to let go and release resistance because my opponent does not have that ability. She would still be holding on. Not because she is a bad person, but because that’s her main frequency. It’s the way she experiences life and builds her reality. She acts and reacts accordingly. That’s her truth.

It stroke me like lightening how some people are truly not able to shift frequency and vibrations easily on their own. They are basically prisoners in their mind.

So in a nutshell, if you are the most awakened one in the room and you have the ability to shift frequency, you have way more options. You can basically choose the direction of any given situation. You know them. You know their ego. You know they can’t let go. It means you have a decision to make. Not for them, but for your own peace.

In the deep knowing and awareness that some people will never apologize or recognize their own mistakes even if somehow they know they did something wrong or hurtful, we can gain our power back by choosing to just let go and release them.

People who have no control over their frequency and energy, despite what they might think, they are somehow at the mercy of those who do. Not in a bad or manipulative way. They just get shower with love (which they need in higher quantity that you do) and have no clue what happened. The bullet they shoot might hurt, but imagine their reaction when you mail them flowers after the shooting. Their disruptive plan failed… and that’s the goal. If you can achieve it, you’ll see what I mean.

Never let a negative or dramatic person wins you over, especially if you are going somewhere in life. You know what’s ahead of  you while they have no idea. Stand firm on your feet in the knowing that they don’t know better. It’s not about pity or weakness, it’s about much much higher consciousness/awareness, which they don’t have.

And now I’m back in my ego… I mean, it does feel like a victory to me, even if that’s not what she thinks. Ah the ego 😉

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul





5 thoughts on “How To Stand Up For Yourself With Love

  1. I’m glad to see that you were able to change the trajectory of the situation, friend. It always feels so amazing to do that!

    And it was a victory, but the reason she doesn’t see it that way is because your sense of victory doesn’t come from besting HER… that sense of pride and victory is because you were victorious over YOURSELF, and retake control of your thoughts/vibration!

    Which is also a convenient way to boot the ego back to a less prominent place, lol.

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  2. Amazing post and great insight. I can relate with this story and all too often find people get heated and into a fight mode for in my eyes minor things. Not to say that this was minor but I think it’s amazing when we can help and offer a different view to diffuse the situation.

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    1. Thank you for your time RB. Yes indeed. Some people are quick to light up and explode… They are ticking bombs. That`s why I used the word defuse (and yes I made a misspelling) it’s like pulling the right cable before the whole building gets put down lol.

      Some people just won’t stop and apologize even if they are wrong. They are reactive and auto-defensive. I used to be like that somehow… in a state of constant re-activeness and I would never apologize.

      But then I realized the power of apologizing without feeling like I lost. It’s just one of the techniques I use to defuse. I know the other person might feel like they won because I apologize first, so they don’t feel like apologizing. Most people live in their ego space. They don’t see the power there is in apologizing and taking responsibility for everything. They feel is a weakness. But It’s truly a strength. By taking responsibility we are controlling the vibrations by raising them. Usually they don’t know what to respond to that because what they expect is an explosion not flowers thrown at them 😉

      Anyway that’s just my take lol maybe I’m a little peacefully crazy too haha.

      Hope all is well with you!

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!


      1. I couldn’t have said it better. By apologizing, you are the bigger person and you release the negativity, no longer being burdened by it. You become free. Being humble is a sign of strengths even though many would look at it as a weakness, which only shows how unaware and unawakened they truly are.

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