The Nature Of Who We Truly Are Makes Us Naturally Great

“There’s a reason why most of us love Nature so much, because we all come from it” -Unknown

I want to start this blog by saying thank you for still putting up with my bad writing lol. I do, I’m guilty for not revising my texts before posting them. I never do it and I type so fast even the cat thinks “slow the fuck down”. I have no excuse but I’m always in a hurry and writing a post is the first thing I do when I wake up. It helps me start on a good note. I’ve been working nearly 12 to 16 hours a day everyday for nearly 3 years now and blogging everyday for a year.

Sacrificed relationships and friendships over my projects but it was totally worth it. The Universe took those people away from me for a reason. Singing ” I can see clearly now…” So yes sometimes I don’t get a lot of sleep and so it turns into bad grammar. But hopefully the quality is always there for you.

Also, I guess I’m guilty for writing so big putting my messages in between header tags, that’s silly, right? Who the hell does that lol? But I like it, it’s nice, it looks poetic, you know what I mean? Or maybe it just looks stupid I don’ t know you decide. I’m a rebel and I like to rebel against formats.

I used to be concerned with that… I mean it’s hard to live in a world where people look at us weird for going against the grain. It’s true that some people “try” to go against the grain to look cool and original. But usually we can tell that’s not authentic.

For the rest of us, well, at last, if you’re a bit like me on the surface and you are naturally rebellious, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You naturally go for the black pen without realizing everybody in the room went for the blue one. You didn’t go for the black pen just cause everyone took blue. No, you took black prior to realize everyone was blue vibing. Now you’re sitting in the room all eyes on you thinking “Fuck my life…”

And that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make here. If you were born a black sheep, stay black and embrace it. Don’t try to dye your coat white to fit with the rest of the herd. You were born black for a reason. Of course you could dye your coat white just like a white sheep can dye her coat black. But that’s not natural. Not that there’s something wrong with it. I understand that’s not because we are born a certain way that it means it reflects who we truly are inside.

Obviously, some of us are born black sheep but are white sheep inside. Some of us are born white sheep but are black sheep inside. So it’s understandable that eventually you want your external coat to reflect your internal coat. But what if it’s not a mistake that your internal and external coats are not the same color? Hm.

Just love and embrace who you are to the fullest. That will save you lots of headaches and unsatisfying situations/relationships. Love your coats. Both of them, all of them. Love your na-tu-ral. Your first nature is beautiful. When you try to change it, you become ugly, lost, confused and diseased. Be natural. I love your natural.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul










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