About Giving More While Receiving Less And What It Means

Some people come then they go and never come back
Some people come, go then come back
Some people come then never go
And some people never come (you never see them).
Well, that’s just the way it is.
We can choose to stay or we can choose to go.
It depends where you wanna go, tho.
Anyway if you don’t wanna stay
Wherever you go, always make your heart an open way.
Decide to play.
Life is beautiful. At least it is today and it can be somehow almost every other day
…with a bit of sesame.


There are parts of me I’m in deep resistance with. But as I’m opening myself more and more, I realize the same is true with everybody else.

So I choose to no longer blame myself over that. I mean I choose to no longer beat myself up over someone else resistance towards me. I used to think there was something deeply wrong with me when I could not receive more of someone or give more of me to someone. Then I realize what if it had everything to do with their own resistance towards me instead? What if there were parts of them they were in deep resistance with which make them unable to deeply connect with me when I’m openly reaching out to them?

Well most of the time that is exactly what it is. Oh yeah of course they will try to blame you for their own inability to give more of themselves to you, because half the people we meet live from outside-in when we have to live from inside-out.

Once I understood that, I chose to stop the blame on both sides. If they can’t do it or if I can’t do it, I release them and release myself in the process. No more blame games.

Most of the population thinks that external forces are the cause to how they feel and what’s happening to them so they react and live accordingly. Too many people are out of touch. I used to be out of touch. Are you out of touch?

Get in touch. Things can always get better. Everything is not always our fault. If people can’t communicate with you, that’s not always because of you. They are in resistance in communicating with parts of themselves. If people can’t seem to get in touch with you, that’s also not always because of you. If people can’t seem to love you or respect you, that’s also not always because of you.

Most people are in deep resistance with parts of themselves which make them out of touch. Always remember that, before you go into that dark blame chamber.

Let go of blame. Release them. Release yourself. If you are constantly giving more of yourself while receiving less, it’s a sign of resistance. It’s  a huge sign from the Universe that you are not in alignment.

You see, the Universe is fair. We give, we receive. So if you give and do not receive, you are giving in the wrong place.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









And nobody can give you what they are incapable of giving

5 thoughts on “About Giving More While Receiving Less And What It Means

  1. I don’t give to homeless panhandlers anymore. I used to, but they were back day after day. I think it’s enabling and not going to come anywhere near touching their problem.
    I had a yoga teacher/friend I ‘thought’ I was helping. $3000 and time and effort and the yoga job I gave her, and the rides because she didn’t have a car…etc..on and on. I couldn’t give this person enough. One day I stopped and she stopped being my friend, which really hurt…big time hurt…4 1/2 years later hurting. And yes, I thought there was something wrong with me that she suddenly rejected me.
    I realize you’re supposed to give without expecting anything in return. And giving usually helps the giver more than the receiver.
    So, if you’re going to give money to a homeless person mostly it’s to make yourself feel good.
    Generosity might top the list of virtues. I forget. But…be aware of the mind with which you give.
    Oooops..got carried away here. Oh well…

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    1. Thanks for your time Eric. Do I sense a bit of humor in this? I have no idea why at some point I felt like smiling a bit the part where you speak about the homeless lol.

      But hum I see what you mean. That’s why I don’t give with the idea that I’m “helping” coming from the premise I can’t help someone that wont help themselves. The way I see it (that’s just my take) if they kept coming back to you it’s a great sign of abundance your way. Do you know that some homeless panhandlers never beg to some people? They can sense abundance and I’m not necessarily speaking financially. There is something that attracted them to you. I’m a firm believer in vibrations. And I also deeply believe God or the Universe wears several different kind of disguises. Call me crazy but I see divinity in a fly just like I see divinity in a panhandler.


      1. I don’t know why I wrote that response? It made sense at the time, but now reading what I wrote…I have no idea why I wrote it.
        I would think panhandlers would become very very good at knowing who is more likely to give and those they’d be wasting their time with. They’d become good at reading body language, facial expressions..etc. The carnival psychic fortune tellers have a trick they use to ‘read’ people. Anyone can learn it.
        I understand what you’re saying about spirituality in a fly or panhandler. Ya…makes sense.

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      2. What does not make sense? Nothing is bad here. I like how you just express yourself freely, honestly I believe it’s good. Fortune tellers and panhandlers should team up, they would be making lots of money together lol.

        I understand what you mean and yes we can tell a lot by someone’s body language but it’s not everything I believe. Let’s not make the mistake to rationalize everything 😉

        A lot of the decisions everybody makes is based on intuition. The vibes we emanate, the energy we carry around is much stronger than our body language… Unless you attribute our energy to body language…?

        I don’t know. There are as many different truths there are human beings. It’s hard to tell… But in my opinion someone’s body language can be misleading if someone’s really good at controlling it. Some people are very hard to read.


      3. Hard to read, like a good poker player. Some people can make their body language neutral. True…there’s more in intuition than body language. I get it.

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