Self-Expectations Are Okay To Have

It’s okay to expect of yourself, but for your own peace of mind, let go of the expectations of others.

Here’s a list of things I expect of myself and their effects on me:

I expect to get better so I get better

I expect to get unstuck so I get unstuck

I expect to change so I change

I expect to learn so I learn

I expect to solve my problems so I solve my problems

I expectΒ  guidance so I get guidance

I expect clarity so I get clarity


There are so many good things I expect of myself that the list would be too long to mention. I realized it’s because I started expecting to win that I started winning. It’s because I started expecting health that I started getting healthier… It’s because I started expecting love and respect, that I started getting love and respect… etc. I used to get deceived so often that I stop expecting all together.Β  Big mistake. When we lower our self-expectations, that’s when shit happens because we allow what we would normally never allow to happen.

The expectations we hold of ourselves set the tone to what we manifest. When we expect to get sick, we often get sick. When we expect to be abused, we often get abuse, why? Because subconsciously we create every circumstance to meet our expectations.

Don’t expect too much of others. But never let go of your self-expectations. I used to try make myself so small to fit in. I was trying not to be “too smart” or “enlightened”. I never realized that as I was deeming my light, I was giving up on my own highest potential.

Never do that. If people can’t handle your smart, don’t act like an idiot just to be loved and accepted by idiots. Surround yourself with smart people. If people can’t handle your strength, don’t act weak just to be loved and accepted by weak minds. Surround yourself with strong people that’ll make you feel okay to be strong. If you’re kind and warm, don’t turn cold. You get the gist.

Always live up toΒ  your highest potential.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul





9 thoughts on “Self-Expectations Are Okay To Have

    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. I think I see why your blog is now called Semantics Station lol. I see your style and it suits you. I don’t think I know nobody that combines words like you do. I think I’ll make a shirt ‘I’m a cooperative component’ and wear it proudly. Hey that would be good during an electoral campaign, wouldn’t? 😊

      Hope you’re having a nice week so far.

      Infinite loove peace your way!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aww… why thank you! But I can’t take credit for the ‘cooperative component’ thing… that’s all Abraham πŸ™‚ but it is quite the clever turn of phrase, isn’t it?

    My week has been busy, what with the holiday and all. Hope yours has been good, also!

    Namaste & Blessed be!


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