Never Underestimate Your Own Strength

Alright. Sounds like another day for you and me (well if you read this). Ah great we woke up again in this shit hole. Just kidding hahaha lol.

I’m grateful. Thank you. Another chance was granted to us. Because it is really what it is. Every time we wake up it’s another chance to make it better. Another chance to heal. Another chance to get rich. Another chance to change the world, perhaps? Another day. Another opportunity. It represents possibilities upon one single possibility. Another shot. Let’s call it.

There are thousands of options you can choose from in one single moment. One single decision changes the course of your day, week, month, year. One single decision changes the course of your job, business, relationships, friendships… The probabilities are infinite. The good thing is, if you don’t like it, energy can always be shifted. Energy is in constant motion so there is no such thing as terminal.

Everything is changeable. Everything is curable. Everything is doable. Everything is possible. Everything is find-able. Everything is reversible.

You can find whatever you’re looking for. The answers are there somewhere. I believe we all hold the key. You can attract whatever you want with your energy and I sincerely believe it.

It’s hard of course. Life is hard. But hard is not synonym of impossible. Hard is synonym of tough. Hard makes us tough. Hard is synonym of strength. Hard makes us strong.

But one mistake I made is when I used to think hard meant “cold”. So I closed my heart to protect it. While It’s true that hard hardens us up, the true strength in hard is to find the soft spot. A hard cookie with a soft interior you know? If the Universe brings you to it, it will bring you through it.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul







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