Emotion Is Energy In Motion

I do believe in energy and vibrations. And I absolutely adore the Quantum Physics of it, to be honest. Although I often don’t always understand what the scientists explain, I’m fascinated and mesmerized by how everything blends well together. I mean Science seems to validate certain spiritual beliefs people have had for centuries.

Did you know that what they call the 7 Chakras is what biologists refer as endocrine system? The 7 Chakras are nothing but our 7 main endocrine glands. Crazy right? That’s what I mean when I say everything blends well together. Everything seems to be calculated. Everything seems to be working in a marvelous order. I might make a post about the 7 Chakras and the endocrine system tomorrow.

So yes… from the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel to the electricity we use to turn on lights, energy appears to be everything. Could we truly be human batteries or human radios? Well it seems so. It seems that we are walking energy bulbs expert at broadcasting, vibrating and creating frequencies.

Coming from that point of view, is it too far fetch to believe that a thought or emotion is something like electricity, an electron and behaves like a giant magnet? To me that explains a lot of things and I think it makes absolute sense. I believe before everything can be made real physically, it has to be formed electrically/energetically first. An electron is created. A signal is sent. The magnet starts working/attracting.

That which we desire, desires us. That which we want wants us. That is why we desire what we desire because there is a vibrationnal cord/string (look for String Theory) pulling us towards it. That’s what they call “attraction”.

I believe attraction explains a lot of things even things like drug or alcohol addiction. The alcohol or the drug is not attracted to them per se but it is the feeling produced by the drug or alcohol that is pulling them in. Say alcohol makes them feel loose and free. That which they desire here is the feeling of freedom. Therefore, freedom is pulling them in. The drug or the alcohol is merely just the conveyor. This can also be applied to compulsive sex or any destructive behavior. That which we desire also desire us. And what we most desire is a feeling.

Feelings can take the shape of physical things like a nice car, a big house, lots of money, drugs, alcohol, sex, designer clothes, etc. All those things are merely just conveyors, physical expressions of the emotions we desire to feel.

That’s what they mean when they say thoughts become physical things. Everything that takes shape on an electrical level eventually expresses itself physically. In other words, a seed we plant in the ground will eventually become strong enough to germ and appear on the surface. That is the exact same with your feelings. If it strong enough, it will eventually germ, get out of you and find a way to express itself physically. Remember, energy cannot be destroyed. It can only transform to one form or another. Emotion is energy in motion. Isn’t that fascinating?

So yes, there’s urgency for you, for me, for all of us to become impeccable with our thoughts, emotions and words. The human experience is a creative experience. We either create by default if we are under hypnosis or consciously if we are aware. So become aware of your thought process if you can. Try to catch yourself thinking and feeling every once in a while. Then when you catch yourself having a destructive/negative/judgmental thought or emotion, try to stop yourself in the middle of the process. See what eventually happens.

Just watch.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul













5 thoughts on “Emotion Is Energy In Motion

  1. Yes! I do believe in the POWER of my thoughts, and monitor them on a regular basis. I too believe in Energy. Since I have it, I CHOOSE to put it where it does the most for good. Why would I cut a light on in the top part of my house when I’m currently in the bottom part? Why would I place my energy on the negative, when I have found that this same energy can better be used on the positive? Same energy. Different choice!

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    1. Thanks Jen. Another wise comment of yours. I agree. One positive thought can change the course of an entire day. Baby steps. One brick at the time, one positive thought after the next, that’s how we get there.

      Hope all is well with you.

      Infinite love and peace your way!

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