The Mirror – Butterfly – Effect And The Reflections We Produce Chapter 33

You’re never too young to start an empire and never too old to chase a dream.

Hopefully you are prepared to go down the meerkat hole with me right now because this is exactly where I’m going and taking you if you follow me.

Deep stuff. But that’s kinda regular here right? Alright then, eat those mushrooms.


So anyway. It seems the deeper I get the lighter I become in the understanding that separation is clearly an illusion. I don’t think people realize how profound thinkers like Einstein or Tesla were in their quantum understanding of the Universe. It is somehow like a wonderland, an optical illusion.

Well it’s a butterfly. When you do, say or think something, it echoes on forever touching not only the people you know but everybody else because we’re all attached (look for Quantum Entanglement). Then it comes back to you in the shape of a reflection.The reflection can be a person or a situation.

Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize the reflection we see in the mirror and that’s why we think there is a disconnection. Physically all the persons you come in contact with and all the situations you go through in life appear to be unrelated to you because they are sometimes undesired. But coincidences do not exist. Only synchronicity.

Few examples that appear to be unrelated :

– The healer and the diseased

– The prey and the predator

– The poor and the rich

– The boss and the employee

– The parent and the child

– The student and the teacher

– The criminal and the police officer

– Love and hate

– etc…

I’m sure you can come up with few more examples on your own. Although they all appear to be antagonists, they’re the same entity, just a different face of the same coin. While the teacher teaches the student and the student learn from the teacher, the student also teaches the teacher and the teacher also learn from the student. There would be no interaction otherwise because what is found inside the teacher can also be found inside the student and what resides inside the student also resides inside the teacher.

On a vibrationnal/energetic level, the teacher creates the student entity and the student creates the teacher entity as well. Then they both meet and attract each other in the physical realm. It can truly be no other way. That which we are causes another to be.

So yes, in a way, the doctor creates the sick and the sick creates the doctor. The white creates the black and the black creates the white. Now which one comes first? The chicken or the egg? The doctor or the sick? The teacher or the student? I truly don’t know.

All I know is that for one entity to exist the other must also exist.

Whatever is found in the healer is also found in the diseased and whatever exists in the diseased exists in the healer. As long as there are parts inside the healer that needs healing, the healer will always attract the diseased. The attraction stops when the healer is in full health. He or she can now start attracting the healed.

And it’s when the diseased starts to heal that he or she start attracting the healer. When the diseased is in full disease, they attract the diseased. When the diseased attract the healer it is sign that they are ready to heal as they are slowly becoming the healer.

It’s just another way of speaking of the pull-push attraction mechanism that governs our lives.

What is great about that is that we are never alone. The Universe always sends someone or several people depending on your energetic needs. There is always someone there. It may not be the shape you want them to be in, but if they are trying to make contact with you or are in your life, it’s because vibrationnaly you need them there. If you happen not to desire their presence, if they have to go, they will only go away when everything is finished.

Another great thing about that is that whatever opportunity meant for you will never miss you and whoever is meant to be in your life will always find a way to get to you.

What is yours is yours. If it appears to have been delayed, it’s because it needed to be. Everything happens all in perfect time-space.

What you seek is also seeking you. The answers you seek created the questions you have.

Just trust and believe. You will find exactly whatever you are looking for.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









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