The Old System Of Thoughts And Us?

The past has come to pass
At last.

The old system of thoughts.

It works. So we thought.

Alright. There are a thousand of ways I wanted to start this but many ideas faded away into the night. I wrote a few notes but I knew I should have written the whole thing down as I was getting downloads. But the comfort of my bed won the super-conscious over.

Speaking of super-conscious, did you know that we all have one? Psychologists call it the super-learning brain. It activates when we receive ideas and insights/downloads. Basically when we are inspired and ideas are flowing like water, our entire frontal lobe lights up.

For instance, when you feel as if you could write an entire book in just a matter of few hours, your super-conscious is fully activated right at that moment. It feels as if the words, music or images are coming out of nowhere, descending and making their way through you. That’s the super-conscious also known as the Higher brain. I might talk about it more tomorrow along with the 7 Chakras and the endocrine system. So stay tune if you enjoy that kind of mystical/pseudo-scientific information.

Today I just wanted to talk about parts of the old system of thoughts. Some people hold on to it pretty tight and it’s very hurtful to you and me. I think we could significantly reduce crime, suicide, physical and mental illnesses if we focused on wellness and well-being by allowing people to be their own individual and making it normal for them to be who they feel they are inside. Now don’t get me wrong, if they feel they are murderer inside, that should not be allowed, but besides that extreme case… Aren’t we all equally humans (not according to David Hicke but that’s another story)?

I remember reading something like that in my Child Development class back at University when I was studying Psychology (if there is such a thing as studying Psychology ah makes me laugh now). We are born genderless. Between the age of 0 to 3-4 the child has no idea what a gender is. And that’s why we see young boys having no problem playing with dolls or young girls playing with trucks. All they see is a toy. Adults make it a problem.

Gender is a social program. Nothing more. Sex is a biological thing yes indeed but gender is yet just another man-made concept.

I believe we’re all androgynous in some way. Human beings are genderless species. That’s what the Yin & the Yan teaches us, the Tao. We all have a feminine (whatever feminine means) and a masculine side. Equilibrium is achievable when the two are equally balanced.

I think if men were allowed to emotionally express themselves more and women allowed to be more masculine (whatever masculine means), people wouldn’t feel the need to change sex or to even dress “like the other gender” Everyone would already be androgynous.

Can you tell me for sure what a man or a woman is supposed to be or feel like?

We repress our emotions too much. Women strangle their babies. Men shoot up schools and hospitals full of people.

We’re not allowed to talk about abuse, rape or anything that is so called “taboo”. Some people keep taboo secrets 10 years plus and never say a word but they are dead inside. Fuck that bullshit.

Whether you are a man or a woman, express yourself. Speak up. If injustice was done to you, do not keep it to yourself. Express your emotions.

Allow yourself to feeeeel. You’re sad that’s alright. You’re angry and frustrated, fine by me. You’re scared, I understand. You’re confused and lost, guess what, it happens to me too.

Look, allow yourself to be a human being. Allow me to be one as well.

Allow yourself to let go and live.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve good in your life. You are worthy of your dreams. You are worthy of all the money in the world. You are allowed to be above average. You are allowed to be you. You certainly deserve to get what the fuck you want in life. You don’t deserve to be sick or treated unfairly. You deserve perfect health and to be treated like you matter but so does everybody else around you.

So go head, treat yourself like you matter now because you truly do. But treat me like I matter too, because I truly do.

Show yourself some love and respect so that you can show me love and respect too.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul







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