About The Scars We Carry And Choosing The Higher Road

If someone or something caused rain in your world, it was precisely meant for you to rise as a rainbow. – Unknown

I just finished mowing the lawn. Am I the only one who feels bad about doing it? I didn’t know that the smell of the freshy-cut grass was actually a plant distress signal. They release bad toxins in the air. On top of that, there’s a whole ecosystem that lives within the grass.

I remember when I was young I used to lay down in the backyard and look at the ants and all the other beings living in the grass and see it as a huge forest for the little (I still do it lol). I mean for an ant, that’s what grass is, right? It’s a forest. What we see as small flowers are actually huge trees for them etc. Someday I will pick up a high definition camera and film in such a way you would think I’m somewhere deep in the Amazon but I would actually be in my backyard. And of course, I’m going to put a British voice over, for the extra dramatic effect, you know lol?

So anyway. By mowing the lawn, not only am I hurting the grass but I’m also destroying hundred of little homes for the sake of what society perceives as normal. Many people forget that plants and trees are the lungs of the Earth. Without them the air would become very hard to breathe. I’m truly starting to believe Earth would be much better off without us. Everywhere we go we bring destruction, even within our own species. We bring misery. I mean look at all the children cry. Then we grow into fucked up adults and repeat. Some of us catch disease of the mind or the body and pass way before our time. And it’s all due to misery and unhealed  wounds we carry.

Speaking of physical and mental wounds, did you know that our body was designed to live up to 900 years? I didn’t know that before yesterday but apparently the Egyptians and the Sumerians knew.

So why do we die so prematurely? Why is our lifespan between 70 and 100 years when every cell in our body has the power to self-heal and self-regenerate? Well, because it is said it takes the average human being a hundred years to heal from past inflicted wounds. Pause. What?

It takes the average human being a hundred years to heal from past inflicted wounds.

When I heard that information, my mind literally exploded. This is what I call mental masturbation. I was speechless. I couldn’t speak for hours and my mind was all over the place in and out of the abyss. Well, to me it makes a lot of sense.

Besides, I don’t know what we would do if it was not for all the people who dare thinking outside of the box and speaking out loud (ie. Gregg Braden, Elon Musk, Einstein, Tesla, Daï Lama etc.). They are a gift to humanity. They bring us forward. That’s how new technology and science is born.

So anyway. We die not because the body gets old, we die because after about 70 to 100 years, the body can’t take it anymore and so the soul leaves. I mean you’ve probably heard people say “the older I get, the younger I feel”. Well, that’s how I feel, even tho I’m quite conscious that I will probably die really young according to my past and how it has seriously wounded me lol. Oh well. I accept.

Anyway. Coming from that premise, logically if we get younger as we get older, biologically our body should follow the mind. The reason it does not happen it’s because by the time we get there mentally and emotionally, 70 to 100 years have passed and the body is full of scars. In other way, the body somehow just gives up. The soul to the body is like “that’s it for me guys, I’m out”.

Oufff. That’s some real food for the soul right there. So how can we use this information? Well, we need not to wait another day to let everything go. Let that shit go now. Choose the higher road. Choose love over discrimination. Leave the purple, yellow, green man alone.

Leave yourself alone. Leave the brown man alone. Leave the white man alone. We’re all in this mess together. It’s not like we’re getting out of here alive anyway lol.

Let go and live your life. Release your father, your mother, your brother and your sister. Release whoever did you wrong. Release whatever situation went wrong. Release yourself.

Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.

We can rise above any shit circumstances and relationships. It’s in you, you know?

Yah man.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul















4 thoughts on “About The Scars We Carry And Choosing The Higher Road

  1. It’s said that Adam lived 900 years plus or minus, if you believe that. If there are 7 billion people all living 900 years we run out of space real quick? And I thought it was because of the telomeres on the end of DNA that signaled length of life? Sorry bout the grass. You should become a Jain. Lots to think about in your post. Cool stuff.

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    1. Thanks Eric. Well, It would get crowded but I like to believe technology, science and society would be much more advanced. Imagine someone like Einstein, Tesla, Newton or Martin Luther King still living and breathing today. It would be interesting to see how they would have adapted and evolved their theories/practices. A lot would be different. Maybe the problem of gravity would be solved by now. Society would suck less for some people… etc.

      About DNA, we know so little. They say 90% of it is junk. Right. I think just because we don’t know how to read it does not mean it’s junk. That 90% we think is waste may contain all the answers we seek. Ever thought about that?

      But then when I look at the world, and I see the divine order, how everything works almost without imperfection, I believe that maybe we are not meant to decode that 90% in our time… Or maybe they’re just lying and they’ve figured everything out.

      One thing for sure, we want to use critical thinking when it comes to the so called biologists. I work in the data mining business and Eric, you would be shocked at what’s going on under the hood. Hospitals are huge labs. The blood and the tissue samples they collect is precious data… What they do with that information would slap the shyt out of you. And the more I get to know the more I realize there is a very dark underworld which sole interest is data.

      Anyway. They did succeed at cloning animals so let’s not be too naive about the information they publicly provide to us. It’s good to be critical.


      1. Tesla, Einstein, Newton and the rest are alive today. They left their theories and work for other to prove or disprove and build upon. There are scientists now with equally as capable minds as Einstein.
        The point you brought up is that we are capable of living 900 years. I’ve not seen proof of that in real life. Not even close. Maybe someone has been reported to live to 125 ish. I have read yoga texts where they state a yogi can live very long years if they only meditate and get their heart to beat like, once a minute or some such craziness. But who wants to live like that? If it is somehow possible for everyone to live 900 years the population would have to be massively controlled. There might even, as Kurt Vonnegut wrote in Welcome to the Monkey House, be suicide parlors in case you’ve had enough. There would probably be great pressure to explore other planets for our growing population to move to.

        And I had read about Telomeres, the ends of DNA as the length of life indicators. Is that junk or are you just making a blanket statement? I have no idea about DNA, it’s not within my intellectual capacity or educational background to comment on DNA. Just that one article I read about telomeres. True or false, I have no idea. I just tossed it out there because it popped into my mind when you wrote about living 900 years.

        Ya, data collection. I’m sure my computer has, right now, been hacked to send my keystrokes into some data base somewhere. Don’t some say that ‘information’ is the fundamental key to the universe.

        I wrote a bunch of stuff here but there’s only one fact I can substantiate. I won’t live 900 years. No way, no how. And you can take that to the bank.


      2. Their theories live but it’s not them per se, if you understand what I mean…

        I said the body has the capacity to live 900 years but we take too much time to heal which is called “getting old”. The cells don’t regenerate fast enough because we don’t know how to do it. Look it’s no secret to scientists that the body is designed to heal itself. The placebo effect has been used for centuries and proven to work every single time. It’s no secret to Neuroscientists and many Biologists that beliefs do affect the chemistry of the body. But of course, if they told everybody how to do it, Big Pharma disappears. It’s just another form of control.

        If we did live 900 years, the technology and the science would probably be more advanced because it would have developed accordingly… In other words, if geniuses live longer, well, the society progresses faster etc…

        Everything would naturally follow a certain course. You cannot take a look at right now and say “nope it wouldn’t work” because it would be a totally different world. We would probably be out there deep in space already.

        Gregg Braden : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hfi0uui41c
        It’s a 4hour watch but it’s totally worth it.

        When it comes to data, they don’t need to hack your computer to get information. Why would they when they can collect it with your consent? There’s a price to pay to “free”. Facebook is one giant data business, alongside with every “free” other social media service out there. Google is another very large data business.If you have a phone or tablet, download an EA game like Sim City, go ahead read the full policy.

        How do they become millionaires? Why would a rich man invest in those sites? What’s the interest behind it? The cookie policy clearly states that the data is being collected and used, but people don’t read. Etc,.

        Plenty other companies other than social media outlets exchange your data.Some do it publicly others undercover. As you say, the most valuable currency is information, data.

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