How Do You Speak Love? What Is Your Language?

Turns out love is a language and there is more than just five, in my opinion. There are thousand of different dialects.

Sometimes you love people in a language they cannot understand and they love you in a language you cannot comprehend.

Now I wonder, do you also love yourself in a language not even your own self understand?

Does the beating of your own heart sound foreign to you? For me it did my whole life. I associated love and bonding with something traumatic.

Working a lot on myself makes me understand how I speak love.With that self-understanding I can add words to my dictionary, open my mind and expand. I have new definitions that better fit my current reality. The old definitions no longer serve me but I don’t erase them because they may be useful for understanding someone else’s love dialect. I just turn the page and add a new definition.

The larger my own dictionary of love becomes, the easier it gets to navigate and understand how others may too speak love.

So how big is your dictionary of love? Does it include a lot of words or is it small and confined? Are your definitions up to date with who you are today or are you still speaking your old language from years ago? Is your current dialect serving you or does nobody understand you? How many love dialects can you speak and understand?

It’s important to be fluent in love. How? Become fluent in self-love first then allow people to make your dictionary bigger by letting them add their own definitions and dialects.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul






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