How To Break Free From Your Spells

It only takes one person to break an entire family curse. -Unknown

Now, I listen to so many motivational seminars during a week that I don’t quite remember who said that, might have been John C. Maxwell, Mr. Rohn, Les Brown, Maya Angelou, Miles Munroe or someone else. I can’t remember the name, but whoever that is, it strongly resonated with me in ways I can’t describe. It may resonate with you right now. Good.

Here’s a strong list of different family curses :

  • Depression;

  • Mental illness;

  • Abandonment;

  • Premature death;

  • Obesity;

  • Extreme poverty;

  • Limiting beliefs;

  • Middle class poverty mindset;

  • Physical illness;

  • Low achievers;

  • Molestation or pedophilia;

  • Rigid thinking;

  • Religious cults;

  • Incest;

  • Dishonesty;

  • Manipulation;

  • Divorce;

  • Criminality;

  • Physical violence;

  • Anxiety;

  • Negative thinking;

  • Jealousy;

  • Sexual abuse;

  • Terminal diseases;

  • Mental abuse;

  • Envy;

  • Alcoholism;

  • Drug addiction;

  • Apathy;

  • Extreme low self-esteem;

  • Cheating mindset;

  • Etc.

I’m sure you can fill the blank and come up with examples on your own. We usually arrive in a family plagued by at least one of those curses. Sometimes even more than just one. If your family has no curse, well stop reading, I’m not talking to you. Get out of here lol.

The good news are that the Universe never makes mistakes. For every curse is born a blessing. It always sends at least one, sometimes two people with a different mentality.

And that person may be you. You may have arrived through the means of adoption or conception. It does not matter. Although, if you are adopted the efforts will be doubled since you have two families.

Few clues that may reveal you are the one :

  • Everyone in your family thinks you are weird;

  • Very few members understand you or know how to deal with you;

  • You don’t quite behave like they do;

  • Something inside you want to rise above your circumstances;

  • You are struggling to get approval sometimes;

  • You literally think your family is weird;

  • You don’t feel like they love you like the others;

  • In some extreme cases, you think they are wrong;

  • Etc.

You may be the only child, the eldest or the youngest of four, five, six members. You may be young or old of age, it does not matter. If you feel like the odd one out, chances are you are the one.

Now this is not a post about hating on your family. However weird our family may be, something inside us, still, somehow, love them as we learn to understand their pain and struggle. And this is another solid proof that you are the one : you are capable to look at them objectively from a non-judging place despite their curse because something deep inside you knows that you can break free from their cage.

It was given to you to be the game changer. It does not matter if you fell under the spell for a while. We all get hypnotized when we are kids. And sometimes, most of the times, the curse follows us in our early adulthood. Becoming who you are truly meant to be is a critical point for changing everything around.

I need you to understand that it has nothing to do with age. Some people remain little all their life. Some adults carry grown looking bodies but deep underneath they are still the sad and cursed little boy or little girl who never broke the spell. Not because they want to, but because they don’t know how to. They sometimes feel the curse is too strong.

Well I need you to understand that you are stronger than whatever family spell you fell under. It is not your fault. It is probably not their fault either. They are living in Theta brain states. They probably don’t even know. If they do know, they’ve probably surrendered to the spell long time ago, thinking this is how it has always been and this is how it will always be. They’ve become one with the curse and now they’re expecting everyone in the family to accept and sometimes even perpetuate the spell.

Things get pretty rocky when it comes to you, the given one. You are constantly fighting between wanting their love/approval and breaking the curse for good. You want to start a spell-free generation.

It seems that you are the one who physically or mentally/emotionally struggle the most in life. It’s because of your nature.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk about. Your nature. You are special. Some kind of a different breed. A swan born among ducks. A wolf born among dogs. Everybody can see and feel your difference. That’s why you are struggling.

But here’s what’s beautiful about the spell. Once broken, whoever wants to get freed, can be. In other words, if you don’t want to be alone on top, bring the ones who want to follow you there. If no one from your family wants to go with you, don’t worry, the Universe always sends someone. Stay true to yourself and the right people will always find a way to you, but you have to break the curse first so that they can come in.

You may wonder how to break the spell? Simple. Just read this : “Enough. This whole unhealthy family thing, stops with me.”

A spell has been broken.

Now pursue by learning to love and trust yourself. Walk your way all the way up. Of course there will be a lot of resistance. It wont be easy. You will be tested. That’s why you have to be relentless.

Become who you are. Let the Universe take care of the rest.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul


















6 thoughts on “How To Break Free From Your Spells

    1. Thanks Amanda. I’m glad to hear from you. Long time no see. Where have you been? Hopefully if you went on vaca you brought me back something. Email them to me at altdimensionstudio@gmail.com loll 😛 😊

      Jokes aside…

      I’m glad it resonates with you. It resonates strongly with me as well and if someone else can find value in the message, it’s even better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just took a little break. I only blog when I have something to say, lol. My mind/spirit took a little hiatus. I do that from time to time (no clue why). No vacay though, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmmm. Yeah I get it… I know how it used to feel to be at lost with words… I couldn’t reach because I didn’t understand what it represented for me…

        But once I got there, my blog became a second membrane for me it’s now impossible to leave it alone. It’s like a baby I feed. Put water on my seeds. You know what I mean? But I only reached that point when I let my emotions loose…

        Then since we feel everyday, turns out I never run out of things to say. I realize it’s not so much about who reads me but what feeds me. The more we let go, the deeper the journey. Whatever goes on in my heart I release freely even if it means I must go back in time.

        All that came with the realization that my life is now. Perfect time is just now, you know? There will be no whistle and angels coming down with a sign.

        Looking back at my life, today I wonder, what the hell was I waiting for to just be me and do the things I want to do? I started to release when I understood nobody would push me or validate my path. At one point, It started feeling really uncomfortable to wait so I started taking action towards being the person I felt I was meant to be inside… You know that little voice that says “hey hey set me free”? I think it’s in all of us. Some of us tell her to shut up. Some of us tell her to wait and wait and wait and wait and… It will always be scary and difficult, you know. But, it does get easier from time to time. It’s much better than having regrets.

        I’m speaking in metaphors and only in relation to me of course…

        Take great care it’s important 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I hear you. And I appreciate the commentary. My blogging tends to be closely related to my mental cycles. This was simply a brief ‘winter’, if you will. Time for growth below the surface, if you will. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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