How To Know You Are Actually Sane

Lately someone told me they thought they needed mental support. It made me internally laugh because everything they were telling about their problem was proof of their sanity. They hate their job and the career venture they picked make them feel stuck. I replied something along the lines of “that’s okay to be unhappy and the way you feel is actually proof you are sane because you care about your well-being.” It’s okay booboo. I feel insane all the freaking time (nah really tho, I’m crazy don’t listen to me lol).

Jokes aside, an insane person never questions their sanity. I could just end the blog here lol. But let me give you more juice worth your precious time.

Insane people never wonder if they are insane because obviously they are not. Everybody else is. Not them. They often blame others for behaving the way they do. They take no responsibility for whatever wrong they said or did. They never look within.

On the other end, sane people question their sanity all the time. They wonder if they made the right decision or said the right thing. But they do more than just worrying because if all you do is stressing, it will eventually drive you nuts. You actually need to take baby steps into getting better, changing and growing. In psychology the term is “self-actualizing”.

However, self-actualizing is supposed to make us feel better not worst. So you may wonder why you feel like you are going crazy sometimes.

Here’s few reasons why :

  • Your romantic relationship may get rocky;

  • You may be loosing friends;

  • Your family does not really support the “new” you;

  • You may feel lost from time to time;

  • You may experience financial difficulties;

  • etc…

Stress is normal and part of the actualizing process. It’s a bumpy ride and that’s the main reason why very few people self-actualize. They stay in their comfort zone. That’s okay if it works for them. But It’s also okay to want more out of life. Nobody is wrong for doing what they think works for them even if from an external point of view it is falling apart. Leave them to their journey. Our journey is the only thing we can control.

Clearing the clutter may leave you with an empty room. But the good thing about that is that now you may start filling it with things and people you really want.

Look, it’s difficult but totally worth it.

The right people and circumstances will always find a way to you, as long as you keep moving forward towards who you are.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








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