Unconditional Self-Acceptance

I don’t know about you but when it comes to me I have to accept myself no matter what. I spent so many years rejecting the core of me that now I have to be me.

It’s almost like a mission. I accept myself even if nobody else does. And guess what? I have opened the doors to many people who accept me. People who used to find me weird are now gravitating back to me. All because I started accepting myself unconditionally.

I’m weird, I’m fabulous. Sometimes I’m a geek. Sometimes I’m a rebel. Sometimes I’m a freak… Sometimes I hide behind barrels.

I’m strange, I’m ridiculous. Sometimes I’m introvert. Sometimes I’m extrovert. Sometimes I dress extra neat… Sometimes I wear no shoes on my feet.

I’m bizarre, ferocious and so so contagious…

I say bye to those who don’t see me…

I feel sorry for you must be blind.

I free myself from the need to be validated and it feels fantastic.

Oh my friend, it works like magic.

Look at me baby, I’m dancing walking with a candy stick.

I don’t want to fit in, if fitting in means I have to cut myself in half.

I rather be whole than to be part of your staff.

I choose to be me. Joyful, happy, wealthy and healthy.

To hell with the crowd if you mean I must turn into a copy.

I laugh so deeply for you must not know me.

So… I invite you to free yourself as well as others by practicing unconditional self-acceptance everyday.

Be weird, be fabulous.

Everyone who left you is going to miss the best part of you.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







6 thoughts on “Unconditional Self-Acceptance

    1. Thanks RB. And you speak to my heart in return, how amazing it is to share good energy. I’ve been wanting hugs… Oh no… Look what you started πŸ€—πŸ€—

      Hope all is well. Stay creative 😊

      Infinite love and peace your way!

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  1. Everyone who left me. It’s like being at a buffet with a 3 inch paper plate and 10 second time limit to find what to eat. Ya miss 3/4 of what’s on the buffet table, even the desert section. Fools!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eric. Sparks a smile on my face. I like that idea. It should actually be a reality TV show. This week on ” 3 inch paper plate and 10 seconds to grab a buffet” loll. That would look something like Black Friday, wouldn’t it? I don’t watch TV, but I would definitely watch that show.

      Joke asides… You know we’re actually all conditioned to live and respond to fast-pace lifestyles where everything must come and happen in a very short time frame. A lot of people are really rigid with their journey. And I think it will only get worst with technology. But thankfully, there are still people willing to wait in this world. They’re just a bit harder to find since they walk a bit slower. You know what I mean?


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