11 Magnificent Ways You Can Avenge Yourself – The High Road

1. Become incredibly successful

2. Become incredibly attractive (in and out)

3. Become incredibly wealthy

4. Become incredibly healthy

5. Become incredibly happy

6. Become incredibly wise

7. Become incredibly smart

8. Become incredibly confident

9. Become incredibly organized

10. Become incredibly magnetic

11. Follow your dreams (young ,old)

In life, choosing the higher road is the best way to get revenge. Now look, it ain’t easy but being miserable will get you nowhere. The harsh and honest truth is nobody cares. Nobody cares for rocks but everybody cares for gold and diamonds tho. Reason why you have to shine as bright as the sun. Shine so fucking bright they wont be able to ignore you. They wont be able to take their eyes off you.

I choose to never let anyone take me down at their level. Some people just lack character, you know…?

Anyway. If people want to see me now they’ll either have to look up or climb the motherfucking stairs up. And in their right mind, if they ever choose to climb, hopefully they trip a bit.

I stand up. I stay up.

Up, up, up. Way up. All the way up.

Don’t look down. Just look up.

Come with me. Climb up.

It’s beautiful out here. Peace, love no fear.

They don’t see me around because we ain’t on the same ground.

I chose the high road, I’m on higher ground.

And I can’t back down. I need to follow the whistle sound.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way













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