The Fruits Of Patience – 4:44

This is a tough post for me. Bear with me. The words are hard to find, although I feel them all pretty deep right now. I’ve been wanting to plant this seed for a long time but I guess I didn’t have what it takes to water and nurture it. It was too closed to me. Now the cog must be released from my purple head. And there it goes.

I’m learning so much about patience and how important it is to trust the process. I believe a lot about our lives has to do with lessons of patience and trust.

Most of us are so impatient that we end up self-sabotaging the results.

People rush into relationships when they barely had time to heal from the previous one. People start businesses and take shortcuts to get results. They try all kind of get rich quick schemes, etc. People want to loose weight but they stop training after a month.

We want everything to happen now and if it does not happen as fast as we wish, we give up.

Loyalty and love often disappear in the face of opportunity and impatience.

Well, now I realize how important it is to be patient. I know for sure, patience would have made me stayed in my ex-relationship. I do think we could have made it worked if my ex had waited and supported me a bit more. We had great chemistry. But I also realized I could have eased things up by communicating my feelings more… Hm.

I have so many things to say about loyalty, true love, communication, etc. But today I’m going to speak on patience. I want you to know something. If you truly love someone, and they are good people, you see that they’re doing something with their life, wait for them. Be kind and support them. Be patient like you would be with a kid. Especially if you do realize they are emotionally struggling. It does not mean they don’t love you.

When it comes to me, I never cheated on anyone. I don’t think I ever really treated someone bad like voluntary. I’m naturally calm and quiet. I do my things. I just want to be successful in life. It’s a mission for me because I know where I’m coming from. I know where I’m going. Do you remember where you are coming from? Never fucking forget where you are coming from. Some of you forget way too often.

Anyway… I believe what hurts people is my inability to connect and attach myself to them as fast as they wish me to. So they get impatient with me. They often ditch me and try to hurt me in the worst ways possible thinking it will help but it pushes me away. They break my trust in the name of what they probably call love.

But I get it you know. I can relate their behavior to my current business. I know what is like to want something really bad but not being able to get it. That’s why most people give up after a while. You see that’s the problem. That’s why a lot of people don’t become successful in life. They give up on their business. They give up on their projects. They give up on someone good. They give up on themselves.

Well, I don’t know what it is about me, I never give up. It’s not in me to get discouraged because something does not work. It must be because of where I come from. I remember. Where I come from people don’t give up. They find a way to make it work regardless of how bad the situations get. If an hurricane wipes their entire house, well, they build again. If they can’t find water on the surface, they dig deeper. If they can’t eat fresh food, they eat dirt and wild plants. The fishermen never go home without a fish. That’s exactly my point today.

Some things in you must grow stronger. Unconditional love, loyalty, acceptance, patience, compassion, understanding, respect… [fill the blank].

If you want something, keep at it. If you want someone and they seem to be good people for you, don’t give up on them just because they don’t happen when you want them to happen. Everyone’s a work in progress. If they give you no sign of distrust, grow with them. Show someone the true meaning of love, loyalty and understanding…

Also never give up in life… Do you hear me…? Suicide, drugs or alcohol are not an option in my book.

Some people are born without knowing their parents or even knowing when or how they are born, like me. I don’t know half the fucking truth. I don’t just give up because it gets hard. Grow a backbone. Build character.

I’m here to tell you, there is always a way even if it means you have to make a new way. We can always find a way… If there is no path, create one. If there is no door, build one.

Whatever is meant for you will always find a way to you because if  you don’t give up, you will eventually find a way to it.

Whoever is meant for you will always find a way to you because if you don’t give up, you will eventually find a way to them.

Simple law of attraction. Just believe. Have trust that no matter how much time it takes, be in the know, rest assure that all places, circumstances, situations, opportunities and people right for you, meant for you, will come. Matter of fact, they’re already there some place in time. You just haven’t made it to that specific point in time yet.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way













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