Thinking And Speaking Things Into Existence

Thoughts and words are bound.

Be conscious of words of songs.

Huge power you have when you sing along

Affirmations work.

But what are you affirming tho?

The poor speaks poverty.

Racists speak racially.

Average thinks ordinary.

The rich sees rich and turn wealthy

We are meant to be extraordinary

But do you believe me tho?

Or do you think it’s a shit story?

What are you really affirming?

Take a moment and start pondering.

What kind of inner dialogue are you entertaining?

When you look in the mirror what are you seeing?

When you think about your life what are you saying?

When you talk about your life what are you thinking?

Leave the past if the past is overbearing.

Today, everyday is a new beginning.

You deserve it all if those are the main thoughts of your choosing.

Do I need to say that thoughts turn into things?

Your ideas should make you feel amazing.

You should enjoy the life you are creating.

But if you are constantly complaining

It’s a sign. Your mind you must revise.

Listen. Your feelings are very wise.

They want the best.

Remove the hard ugly disguise.

It’s about openness. Open your heart.

No stress.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way






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