It’s Not Always Your Fault

It’s not always your fault if people don’t talk to you.

It’s not always  your fault if people reject you.

It’s not always your fault if people are mean to you.

It’s not always your fault if [fill in the blank]

It may come as a surprise but it’s not always your fault if shits hit the fan and goes out of hand. I know with the law of attraction that they’ve been pushing down our throats we believe everything has to do with us, that if something is wrong, it means we are wrong. But let me set the record straight and take huge weight off your shoulders…

Although we do attract a lot of what happens in our lives to some degree, there’s something else going on behind curtains we must understand before blaming ourselves for everything.

Let’s say you wish to attract a loving relationship but everything you seem to attract is dysfunctional. You may be tempted to think something is wrong with you or that it does not work for  you.

No. Nothing is wrong with you and you are probably not doing anything wrong. Truth of the matter, the very fact that you have manifested something dysfunctional as opposed to something loving is proof that the Universe heard you and responded to your request. Now you may think “what the hell are you talking about?”

Well, the higher intelligence comes from a much higher place and does not perceive things as we do. The magic happens when we start understanding that. From an higher perspective, it makes perfect sense to send you the exact opposite of what you’ve requested so that 1) you can realize that is not what you wish to experience and therefore 2) walk in the direction of what you wish to experience.

Let’s say for instance, you desire a warm and delicious pizza. When your order arrives you discover that your pizza is cold and covered with mold.  Like every normal person your first reaction is anger and dissatisfaction. It is obviously not what you’ve ordered. So you say to yourself “I will never order pizza again. Pizza is clearly not for me.”

What we fail at realizing here is that order is not meant to frustrate and discourage you from eating pizza but to make you discover what a warm and delicious pizza is not so that you can get a better idea of what it is. Something like “Okay, that is obviously not a warm and delicious pizza. Let’s move on and order another one now that I have a much greater idea of what it is, how it should taste and feel like.”

Isn’t it true with love and everything else in life? Receiving the opposite of what you want is not proof that you’re doing something wrong. It is proof that you are doing something right. Now it’s up to you to 1) use those contrasts to define and refine your desires so  that they are clearer then 2) move in the direction of that which you desire.

To the level of my understanding of things, the Universe has no freaking idea what a warm and delicious pizza represents to you because not a single person has same tastes in pizza. I mean what is a warm and delicious pizza? To you maybe it is triple meats with melting cheese. To someone else maybe it is mushrooms, tomato sauce without meat nor cheese… You feel me?

There are as many different definitions of “warm and delicious” there are people on the planet. So to think that the Universe knows exactly what you specifically mean by “warm and delicious” is a bit naive. It’s kind of up to us to let it know what it is by telling it what it is not…

Another quick example…

If you request a million dollars but receive a dollar, the Universe is not actually telling you “Well here, that’s what you deserve”. It is actually asking you “Does this one dollar represent a million dollars to you? I mean, I just gave a hundred dollars to a kid and he told me it was like a million dollars!”

Does it make sense to you? It sure does for me. We live in a very abstract and subjective Universe.

Maybe earning $120k a year is like earning a million dollars to you while it’s pennies to your neighbor. You feel me? So if you’re not getting what you want out of life, I beg you to not get discouraged and give up. The Universe always hears you and replies. Just define, redefine and refine until you get exactly what satisfies you.

By the way, are you one of the people who’s been reading me long enough to know that I’ve released a book about a year ago (April 2016)? It’s a short book of 140 pages. It’s more like a practical/pragmatic book than a novel so to speak. And fortunately yes, I did hire someone to edit the book and fix the formatting. Anyway. Even I had forgotten about the book, but then out of the blue by visiting Amazon today I see it has been selling lol. Like what? I remember I have clearly asked for the book to be removed a year ago lol. Someone is making money off my back apparently.  I have contacted the editor Blurb, early this morning to understand what the heck is going on. I’m waiting for an answer. Anyway. This sheds a lot of light on the reality of content creators. I know a lot of you are. So be careful.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way





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