There Is Real Power In Our Beliefs

Treat not people as bad as they are. Treat them as good as you are.

The way they treat you is their karma and the way you react is yours.

If you read this and are facing some kind of challenge in your life, I need you to know something. It does not matter how bad you think the situation you find yourself in is. Nothing ever stays the same. If it gets worst it means it’s about to get better than your wildest expectations.

As above so below means whatever is found below is also found above. Above and below are one of the same thing. If you are way down here, it means you are also way up there at the same time because the only way up is from the bottom. What’s in your heart is in your mind. What permeates your heart, permeates your mind. What permeates your mind, permeates your heart.

Many people found themselves in unimaginable situations where they thought they would not make it and die. They came out of it triumphant and stronger than ever before.

You may think you have no chance at all and there are too many odds stacked against you, but remember that all you need is one chance. It only has to work one time. If it works once, it will work twice. If we can get out of the funk once, we can get out of it again.

Only this time, you are wiser and smarter. You are much more self-aware and conscious of what does not work for you, which is good, because it means you are much closer to manifesting what works for you. And believe it or not, it also means you love and know yourself enough to recognize it’s not your fit.

You respect yourself enough to try another shoe instead of breaking yourself in half.

It’s also very important not to base our judgement on appearances.

Something that looks good can easily be poison. And it doesn’t mean that it looks like shit that it means it is shit.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







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