A Few Words On Handling Truth & Reality

It’s not the way that I speak that is harsh, it’s the truth that I speak that is.

Hope you’re doing good. I think I know what differentiates the strong from the weak. Well, many things do but one of those things is someone’s ability/capacity to handle the truth and deal with reality from higher places.

If you ask me, I prefer an ugly truth over a beautiful lie any day. The reason for this is that it allows me to take clear decisions. Some lies sound great in theory but in practice they are never pragmatical because one lie always leads to another to cover the first lie then the next… It never ends. Then the only thing left is hide or flee.

That’s why I’m always rooting for the ultimate truth because I don’t like to hide. I tell the truth and it’s over with. No hidden fear that they will discover I have manipulated them. I believe that’s why most people trust me. They know they can come to me and I will tell it exactly how it is. They respect me for that. Only liars fear the truth.

However, I could not care less about some insecure liar with ten different personalities. I also understand that no matter how bad one cannot handle the truth, they will always remember I told the truth at the end.

That’s what people remember.

Although they may leave and hide because you told them the truth, in the back of their mind, they will always remember you were considerate enough to give them the full picture and not sugar coat.

Coming from that perspective, I no longer feel sorry for speaking truth.

Nobody should feel bad for telling the truth. Understand that some people have a hard time dealing with things they can’t control. And unlike lies, the truth can’t be controlled. If it is being controlled, it is not true. Once it’s discovered, it cannot be forgotten.

I’m a truth seeker and I rather be remembered as the brutal honest one than the nice shady one. If people remember you as being shady, it will take you a lifetime to get their trust back. So no matter how bad and ugly you believe the truth to be, tell the truth. Trust me. You will sleep better at night and they will thank you for it, even if they start ignoring you or disappear from your life.

It’s not personal.

Realize that the people who can’t handle the truth and deal with reality from higher places have lots of insecurities and so they often build a false reality they think they can control.

It’s a neurotic behavior in practice. Those are the kind of individuals who think they have to protect you from the truth thinking they are doing you a favor. They don’t realize they are harming you and themselves in the process. For many people the truth is too painful to handle. And it’s true. I mean it takes a solid backbone and an unbreakable spirit to be able to stand stills in the face of harsh reality.

I understand that some people are more equipped to deal with it but it does not mean we should lie to protect the weaker ones. That’s not how you make someone stronger. Lies make people weaker.

In my book, ignorance is far from being bliss. The more we know, the further we can progress.

One thing to also remember, there are as many truths there are human beings.

But anyway. Whatever the case may be, just shed your skin. Part ways with all of your masks and let people see your bare face.

Makeup is for people who have things to hide. If you ever meet me in person, you will see I have a very peculiar face that does not show on pictures. I don’t care, I love it.

Be honest with yourself and just watch how powerful your truth can be.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way









4 thoughts on “A Few Words On Handling Truth & Reality

  1. If I may add… the truth is only appreciated in the way you describe when it is delivered out of love and a desire to truly express love to that individual. ‘Truth’ is entirely too subjective to be delivered so boldly, as though its delivery is immaterial.

    “You were rude” quickly becomes “I was too quick to judge” when you discover your ‘truth’ of their rudeness was based on their behavior during a situation you may not have fully realized, or when not taking into account the whole of the circumstances, (which you can never know). I am reminded of Jack Canfield’s (at least, I think it was his) story about the man on the subway, whose children were running around, just generally harassing other passengers, while he just sat there. Finally, he asked the man to corral his children, and the man wearily said, “Oh, you’re right. I guess I should. I’m sorry. We just left the hospital, their mother just died.” You can see, rather quickly, this man’s ‘truth’ was so much more than anyone could know. And the ‘truth’ that his kids were being obnoxious suddenly didn’t matter quite as much.

    Your truth is just that. Yours. And if you’re truly in a ‘higher reality’, you’re worried less about the behavior of others, and more about your own.

    I think this was a really great post with some excellent points… but I must beg to differ on the righteousness of ‘harsh truths’.

    The only real truth is told with love.

    (She says, as she speaks her own version of what’s ‘True’) :-p

    I’ve missed our little ‘reality comparisons’…! You always give me something new to consider!

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  2. Thanks Amanda. Interesting answer. Yes, some truths are really subjective. There are as many truths as there are human beings… I understand what you mean and for the most part I agree with it.

    What I mean by harsh truths or realities are the deeper ones…

    The ones that are more objective in nature and could somehow be felt as really harsh :
    – a child having to see their mother die
    – a child having to deal with their adoption story that they were left on some stranger’s porch…
    – telling a man after an accident that he will never walk again…
    – telling the real reasons why one cheated on their spouse like ” I cheated because I no longer love you and I rather be single… Or I chose her over you because we are more compatible… ”
    – having to tell someone why you didn’t invite them to your birthday party
    – having to tell someone the reasons why you never call them or text them
    – having to tell someone the reason why you never have dinner with them because you hate the way they cook
    – having to tell your friend their breath stinks
    – having to tell someone they didn’t make the team because they suck etc…

    Those are the kind of truths and realities I am more referring to. The harsh ones we tend to sugar coat to protect people. By protecting them we believe we do them a favor but we are blocking their expansion… For instance if you tell your friend her cooking is not so good, she will probably hate you but this could possibly push her to take cooking classes… etc.

    However, what most people do in those situations is hide or flee. While I believe there is always a way to tell the truth, sometimes no matter how you tell it, it will be received really harshly…

    Only people with a strong spirit can withstand the truth and see it as an opportunity to grow, change or redefine their reality. I think the healthiest relationships and friendships are the ones in which everything is said as honestly as possible… When people are free to express themselves and communicate openly, there is room for growth… Honestly, my ex and I never really communicated and now I see how we could have grown… Honest communication… really is the root for expansion.

    Does it make sense to you?


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