Huge Disappointments And What To Do

Poor people think and act poorly.

Insecure people always bring with them a lot of insecurity.

I get disappointed sometimes. Matter of fact, I’ve been disappointed a lot in the past. I’m sure I will keep being disappointed in the future. I’m also aware I disappoint people too. But you know what? There is one person I can trust to never disappoint me. Oh yeah. The person in the mirror.

Honestly, look, I don’t care how many times people keep disappointing me, I’m laughing at their poor attempts. I’m not going to disappoint myself. Oh no. If the world is to blame for our external disappointments, it means we are to blame for our internal disappointments. And that, my friend, is something I cannot do and live with.

My greatest fear is untapped potential. Oh yeah and I’m not even being corny about it. I could never live with myself knowing I have all this potential inside me and not do anything with it. I rather […]

What is potential? Well to me it represents everything and nothing at the same time. Potential is conceptual. It is whatever helps a person become their greatest version. It is whatever helps someone to heal and understand the world better. Whatever fits. It is yet again very subjective. But one thing for sure, we all have high potential… High potential to be the best person we can be.

For that matter I just can’t disappoint me just because of somebody.

People’s job is to disappoint you. Your job is to count on you.

And why not make someone else count on you too?

The world is already full of apathy. Give someone hope.

Sure, we disappoint one another from time to time, but just because someone disappointed you, it does not mean you have to become like them and disappoint somebody else.

The high road, I say. The high road, always.

You can count on me.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







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