What Is Your Why? Is Your Why Strong Enough?

I know why I wake up in the morning and keep trying to make it work. I know why I work hard and perfect my services, my business. I have discovered I have a very strong why to do what I do. My why was there all along, I just didn’t know it was that strong, let alone I had a why.

My why keeps me going, growing, progressing, attracting and manifesting… Everyday it feels like I’m reaching higher levels… That’s whatΒ  your why should do for you. If that’s not the result… Maybe your why is not strong enough.

What is your why? Why do you keep going? Do you have a why?

At first I thought my why was because of money. But then someone told me “If your why was just money, you would have given up long time ago”Β  and it’s true. I have faced so many challenges and adversity in my life that I know most people would have just gave up, die or go very wrong. But I didn’t.

Why? Because my why is stronger than my challenges.

My why is the reason why I strive. I must rise above my why.

I guess I’m a soul on a mission.

If you have a why, become conscious of it. Why do you keep going?

If you do not have a why, find your why but not just any why, a very strong indestructible why.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way











22 thoughts on “What Is Your Why? Is Your Why Strong Enough?

  1. I think you left the word [not] out of the next-to-last paragraph. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know my why. Not having a ‘Why’ is the bane of my existence. All I’ve EVER wanted was a why that was strong enough to motivate me for longer than a few weeks. The search continues.

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    1. Thank you Amanda. I found Waldo! Thanks for pointing that out lol. You know what I believe? We all have at least an unconscious why… Especially kids who have been through a lot… The desire to rise above their childhood or family limitations is usually a really strong foundation for a why.

      But I’ve seen grown-ups with difficult upbringings being affected the other way around… Instead of feeling this fire inside, the strong desire to wanting to prove everybody wrong, that they would not die how they were born, they feel a sense of extreme despair and non-motivation. The same kind of confusion we often see in kids that had it really easy and never had to struggle for anything. They don’t know who they are.

      Those kind of individuals sometimes become drug or alcohol addict or they just don’t do anything because no one is expecting them too.

      That kind of situation happens all the time where for example ghetto kids turn criminals like their friends and family, kids of welfare parents become welfare individuals when they turn 18, daughters of housewives become housewives… Sons of violent fathers become violent…etc.

      Some people get consumed by their why because their desire to be validated and loved is stronger than their circumstances. So they either turn like their friends and family or become what they think everyone is expecting them too, not to be rejected.

      It has everything to do with social/emotional/spiritual/psychological conditioning, beliefs and self-beliefs.

      For those people, following their own path and being their own individual is way more frightening than staying where they are. Their desire to change is not stronger than their desire to stay the same.

      A lot of people don’t reach their highest potential because of fear of success… They are afraid to be successful because they believe success will make them more miserable than being average, especially if they are the only one in their family. Fear of failure is another one. Fear of the unknown… etc. So many different kind of fears to name… I won’t go through them all.

      It’s not a coincidence that only about 10% of the population lives above average. 90% of people never rise above their circumstances for reasons I named above… Their belief system wont take them there…

      You see, it all depends where you see yourself in the future. Being adopted among all the shyt I’ve been through was enough for me to not wanting to end a statistic. But I know adoptees who let their circumstances get the best out of them instead of pushing them to become their greatest version.

      If one’s picture of their future does not scare them enough, forget it.

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      1. You are such a gift to me. Truly.

        Almost everything you wrote here was a message directly to me from the Universe.

        “…they just don’t do anything because no one is expecting them to.”

        “…following their own path and being their own individual is way more frightening that staying where they are.” Though, in my own experience, I would reword the sentence that followed, “Their desire to change is not stronger than their [fear of the unknown].”

        Today began with much emotional turmoil for me… as you may have been able to tell by the tone of my first comment… but your reply was like a bright ray of sunshine, cutting straight through the clouds.

        It’s me, it’s me, it’s me. It’s difficult. It’s painful. But I’m doing it. I’m putting in the effort. Even though it doesn’t feel like much is changing, especially on days like today, just when I think I’ve reached the end, that I can’t take any more pain, that I should just give up, be like everyone else and shut myself off, the Universe delivers, by way of the most delicious timing ever, a word, a smile, a comment… something that brings me back into the light.

        You were absolutely right… I have no idea who I am. I’m still figuring that out. It’s okay that I haven’t fully discovered my ‘why’ yet. I know it’s there. But it’s not going to come easily, and it’s been my own error thinking it would simply fall into my lap.

        Maybe my why is simply the discovery that I am all the ‘why’ I’ll ever need… but I have to believe I’m worth the effort.

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      2. I can see myself through your reply.

        I think you have found your why… it’s just a matter of solidifying it. This will come as you keep going. As you evolve, your belief system and your self-confidence are going to get stronger.

        It’s easy to feel we are going in the wrong direction when nobody truly understands our journey. We don’t feel supported as much.

        It’s even harder when we have no visual/physical results to show for. We get discouraged thinking nothing has changed. But judge not by appearances. Before any results can be seen, they have to be felt first and unfortunately it’s not always something we can display like a big fatty check.

        When I go through days like that I like to remind myself that my journey is like a growing tree. Trees take time to grow, some up to 12 years (oak trees). It takes months for the seeds to sprout and come out the ground.

        Re-conditioning the mind is a tedious process that needs to be constantly nurtured like seeds of trees. Even if you don’t see the sprouts, don;t stop because if you stop, the seeds will die in the ground and your dream as well.

        And trust me, nobody will truly care, not because they hate you, but because most people let their dream die long time ago. Those people often become dream killers, unconsciously… You want to be really careful who you tell your dream to. Never let a small mind convince you that your dreams are too big or impossible.

        Look, I feel like you and I could talk for hours. We are somehow going through the same kind of individualization process only using different – maybe ? – parallel paths.

        The trick is to never give up. You’re the only one who knows what it truly feels like to be you.

        By the way, what do you do to stay motivated other than meditating?

        I like to listen to motivational talks from people who’ve been through it all… I wake up with those speech, I work with those speech on the background, I go to sleep with those speech lol. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half. I’m a totally different person. My mind has changed greatly.

        We are never alone.

        Here’s some links :
        Les Brown (Tough Times) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BGlajoHS80&t=613s

        John Maxwell (Dreams are free the journey isn’t): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y16ks9CKkN0

        You gotta listen to people like that everyday. They don’t sugar coat and they always say the right thing to keep people going. Those are just two people I listen to.

        There are many more, but hey, it’s a good start. It will sure pump you. However, don’t let those speeches only be mental masturbation. It’s important to take small steps… small actions. Like you said… Nothing ever fall on our lap.

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      3. Well, I listen to Abraham tapes, I bought a few books by Nancy Levin and have been working through those. I’ve done a few webinars on things I’ve been interested in, a strange note taking/journaling/day planning thing, meditation. Blogging.

        I feel kind of like I did when I was a kid at the dentist’s office. There was a treasure chest, and if we were good, we got to pick something from the chest. I’d be a little overwhelmed, just digging through, seeing what was in there that was fun or interesting. For now, I’m just digging through the treasure chest, seeing what’s inside. πŸ™‚

        I listen to talks/speeches/seminar excerpts etc all the time on YouTube. Every day.

        Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out! πŸ™‚

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      4. Yes Abraham is good although I have been straying away from the teachings in favor of something that is a bit more in tune with the phase I’m at right now. The way I see it, Abraham is good to get people in alignment and help us create momentum. Once I got in alignment, it’s like if my soul started to ask for something else. So that’s when I started to listen to motivational speech that would teach me how to push further… I don’t know If I’m explaining this right…

        In other words, from my perspective, Abraham teaches people how to walk and find balance. But once I found my balance, my alignment, I started looking for other teachers (in this case motivational speakers) to teach me how to climb. Am I making any sense lol?

        I never heard of Nancy Levin. I just looked up and she seems to have some good material. I tend to listen to males a lot… I find them more driven and to be honest with you, it has been very hard for me to be able to relate to females all my life… That’s bizarre right? Other than career-driven women like Teal Swan, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Mary Kay etc, I find it difficult for me to understand women, therefore relate to them in their teachings… I’m not easily attracted to them as spiritual or career teachers…

        I don’t know why and it bothers me in some way…

        So many women give up on their dreams for a relationship or things in that nature… They’re so scared to end up alone they are willing to lower their standards… etc. Maybe I’m just extremely bias because of my experience, but there’s something in me that finds it really hard to relate to what the society labels as the female psychology…

        I want a family for sure, but I would never give up a purpose over a relationship like I see so many women do… It’s like most women I’ve met all they desire is to be in a relationship… Something in me just don’t get that. Relationships are good but… there is more to life than that lol… I mean there will always be people to meet and mingle with… It’s just different for me… It’s weird right lol? πŸ˜›

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      5. Nope, it’s not weird. And I understand totally what you were saying about Abraham. And you’re absolutely correct. It’s kind of the ‘first step’, if you will. Kind of like, ‘here’s the path… now, go!’

        And for my entire life, I’ve always tended to spend all my time around guys. I had two brothers and amost all male cousins (that we spent time with). I didn’t trust women. I considered them weak, back-stabby, bitchy, etc… they made no sense to me.

        I know very clearly the reasons behind this, now… yours are probably similar, though again, like you said, kind of alternate path to my own. But it’s some deep, heavy shit… or at least it feels that way when I think of trying to explain my own conclusions, lol. But actually, for me, I guess it’s pretty simple. I grew up in a household where the man held all of the power, and the woman did his bidding. Obviously, there was much more going on, but as a child, this is what I saw, so I modeled my behavior after the ‘strongest’ adult, the more powerful adult, because I didn’t want to be treated like a doormat. Because I saw femininity as weakness.

        That’s one of the things I am working on right now, exploring the power of my femininity… the ‘aligned’ feminine qualities (like patience, nurturing, supportive), instead of the ‘unaligned’ feminine qualities (which are all the bitchy, back-stabby, etc stuff I mentioned earlier).

        It’s a lot of stuff… but if it was something you were interested in exploring, the common terms are ‘right-order Masculine/Feminine energy’ vs ‘wrong-order’, but I prefer the terms ‘aligned’ or ‘misaligned’ M/F energy. (And also, it’s not a male/female thing…both genders have both M & F energies within them… but if we were raised with wonky M/F energies, ours are likely out of whack, too). It may not resonate with you, but it hit me like a brick the first time I heard about it.

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      6. Hmm… thanks for the explanation. I understand. Your assumptions are right. I don’t feel I can relate to the female-male thing because I think it’s not a real concept… Sexually and biologically speaking of course yes we are different but other than that…

        I do believe human beings are deeply androgynous hence the reason for the Yin-Yang that is in all of us like you’ve mentioned…

        I do think it’s because that society likes to label things and put people in boxes that people go crazy…

        But I think we are going in the right direction… Years from now I do believe the gender roles will be totally things of the past…

        Being gender specific is quite limiting… I believe if we were all born in androgynous societies it would allow people to grow stronger as their own individual instead of trying to fit in stereotypes…

        But I understand what you mean and I think if it works for people, it`s good…

        I just want to be myself without feeling like someone is expecting me to be a certain way because of my private parts…

        I don’t feel like it’s right…

        I feel like all of us as souls are gender-less and sexless…

        It poisons my soul to be bond to things that limit me.

        With that being said, I’m very supportive, caring and loving… But like you said… It shouldn’t be a male-female thing… I think that’s where the unbalance is… to try to divide and categorize.

        I have no idea… But you see, trying to understand those things is exactly what my journey is about…

        Everyone is so quick to bind/attach themselves to a “community”.

        …It has always been a struggle for me to understand communities. Like people expect certain behaviors based on ones gender, sexual orientation, skin color, culture… It messes with me too much. It’s too limiting… Anyway. Am I making any sense? I don’t know where I stand in all of that. I guess I choose to stand outside.

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      7. It makes perfect sense. Except I’m not sure if you understood that it’s NOT a male/female thing?

        What I was talking about, I mean. I understand and agree with everything you said, and that’s the whole point of balancing the masculine and feminine within YOURSELF… it’s not a gender thing. If the terms ‘yin and yang energy’ feel better for you, make it easier to understand, that’s cool, too.

        It’s just the idea that each energy has both positive and negative traits, sides to the same coin, if you will… there’s creative and destructive yin, and creative and destructive yang. Most of us, in one way or another, were raised by people who were raised by people (etc etc ad nauseum) who were operating out of destructive yin/yang energy, almost exclusively in some cases. The lucky among us had a mix of creative and destructive yin/yang in the authority figures around us.

        Control would be destructive, leadership would be creative, but they’re ends on the same stick, so to speak.

        But if I misunderstood your reply, and you already understood I didn’t mean gender in the first place, then ignore this, lol.

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      8. Isn’t it funny how we often talk about the same thing only using different terms?

        I’m tipsy from too much computer work so I may have spoken about unrelated things lol.

        I understand it’s not a female-male thing. But I was trying to say what about those words or concepts not existing at all? Like being born in a world or on a planet where the beings there have no clue what female-male energy is. Beings would just be beings. You know what I mean? Like this is Gary and this is Mary but without female or male attached to their license or birth certificate… I know what you mean but does it make sense?

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      9. That’s alright. To add to my latest comment… What about a world where everybody would have the same kind of genitals or none at all? Kids would be grown instead of coming out of someone loll.

        How different do you think it would be?

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      10. Well, of course that would be a different world! Personally, I enjoy the differences. It just sucks when ‘different’ starts to actually mean either ‘better’ or ‘worse’.

        I enjoy too many things about my female body (and men’s bodies being different… and women’s bodies being the same, yet all so different, as well) to ever wish for more similarities between us. I love the diversity, humans just tend to muck things up, lol.

        But I do know what you mean… it would remove a lot of the issues we face, as a species… but our journey isn’t to erase the diversity, but to learn how to love and celebrate it!!

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      11. That’s the thing. Too many people do not wish to transcend the physical plane. That’s the issue we’re facing as a species. We’re too attached to our bodies. We think it defines us when they do not… But I’m just going to leave it here. Great conversation. I guess now back to basics 😊

        Infinite love and peace your way!

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      12. I’m still on the fence whether I believe people don’t WANT to transcend the physical, or if they simply don’t realize they CAN.

        As you saw in my last post, it’s only recently ‘clicked’ that ‘I’ am not my own body. Which shook up quite a few beliefs and habits I’d been holding on to. πŸ™‚

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      13. Good point. It’s true. Most of them are only conscious of the physical plane. I would be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with my physical appearance before. I do still struggle from time to time but it has lessen since I started my journey.

        And I think the reason why most people are stuck in the physical plane thinking that’s all there is, is because our bodies give us pleasure or pain in some cases.

        We don’t realize that the pain or the pleasure felt is not being produced by the body but solely by the mind.

        I did see your new post and I think it’s wonderful. I gave it a like. I will leave a comment some time in the day 😊

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      14. And I have to say that maybe you might have missed my point πŸ˜‰

        I was not referring to physicality but purely to female-male energy thing. I was trying to say, what if we lived in a world that didn’t divide and categorize energy? Energy should only be energy. Imagine how freeing that would be for everybody.

        Far from me, the intention of taking anyone’s breast or vagina away. They can hold on to it as tight as they wish.

        I just don’t think that a triple-belly covered in stretched marks, a 2-inches curved penis, the whitest or even darkest of skins truly captures, defines the essence or energy that lives within 😊

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      15. Oh… well, I was replying to the ‘What about a world where everybody would have the same kind of genitals or none at all?’ comment… which seemed to literally be about physical stuff. I have a tendency to focus most on the last thing I read.

        But I do see NOW that it was actually more of an afterthought to your actual point in the previous comment, lol. Sorry. I wasn’t being intentionally obtuse! πŸ™‚

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      16. Haha well hopefully you can start appreciating my style of humor 😊

        And yes, you are right, I spoke of genitals just to emphasize my point, although I’m aware that it might have added a certain vulgar taste to the subject depending on how open one is to the use of those terms. I’m comfortable and pretty confident. There shouldn’t be no taboo 😊

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      17. Oh, no discomfort! I just took you a little too literally. It happens with me often, I have noticed. And not just with you, lol. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify for me πŸ™‚

        I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts my post brought up for you! I was very excited, and oddly relieved, to finally realize the distinction.


      18. By the way, the fear of the unknown is one of the most common fears. Many people never leave their comfort zone, their country, let alone their neighborhood because of that.

        However, we can get rid of the fear of the unknown by being comfortable with only being able to see few meters ahead at the time.

        What I mean is that, the path ALWAYS unfolds to those who start walking on it. But as we start the journey, only few meters at the time are being revealed to us.

        It’s like when you drive on the road at night. Your lights only show you few meters (miles) ahead at the time and sometimes the exit you wanted to take is closed so you have to take a detour.

        That’s why you need to keep at it. The next few meters may surprise you.

        I like to see my journey as an adventure some like a road trip.

        The unknown is scary but it holds all the answers.

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