Understanding Elevation/Enlightenment

When people think of elevation or enlightenment they usually see people wearing crystals and Guru robes.

That is true for some people but elevation has nothing to do with being vegan, vegetarian or doing the lotus position.

In my understanding of things, being elevated means you simply shift your mind from a lower level of thoughts to a higher level of consciousness. The Matrix effect per se.

Usually and unfortunately enlightenment happens in people when an event, a situation causes them to drastically change the way they think and live.

Some events that can trigger elevation:

  • Terrible divorce/breakup

  • Unhealthy relationships/friendships

  • Bankruptcy

  • Homelessness

  • Abusive childhood

  • Car accident

  • Disease

  • Relocation

  • Adoption

  • Overdose

  • Death of a loved one

  • Unsatisfying life circumstances

  • Getting fired

So many things can be at the foundation of someone’s awakening, that I can’t name them all. However, I have to say, it does not always have to be bad, enlightenment can also be caused voluntary.

Examples of voluntary awakening:

  • Traveling around the world

  • Quitting a job

  • Starting a business

  • Pursuing a dream or a goal

  • Seeking more out of life

The points above can be debatable whether they are voluntary or not taking into account they could be the consequences of unsatisfying life circumstances. Nonetheless, they will cause someone to shift their mind and embark on a self-discovery journey, regardless.

The self-discovery journey begins the moment when one realizes or decides that where they are is no longer a place they wish to stay, so, figuratively, they start walking on a path. It’s the pursuit of happiness.

Whether you recognize yourself in this post or not here’s some things I want to share with you.

  • You can’t find happiness if you have no idea what makes you happy

  • Happiness is a subjective concept. It’s an idea.

  • You can’t enlighten people if they are comfortable where they are

  • Enlightenment is a personal journey unique for every single individual

  • Just because someone does not walk on your path doesn’t mean they are lost

  • There are different levels and degrees to enlightenment

I have many more things to say about the subject but I will leave you with this “no matter how hard, painful and confusing your journey/situation may appear to be, if you keep at it, you will eventually get the results you desire because you will eventually discover that the oak tree is already inside the seed.”

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








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