The Purpose Of All Purposes

I know how it feels like to feel like there is no purpose for a shitty situation at all.

But what if there was truly a reason for everything? Do we really know this reality? Do you really know where we are? Could you pinpoint your position in this 3D dimension? Sure you will say, well my body is here right now. But where are your thoughts coming from? Where are all those experiences you are experiencing being generated? Where is the source of the so called law of attraction? Why can’t we remember being a sperm or living in the wombs? Where were we way before that? Were we somewhere or nowhere before mortal conception?

It’s mind blowing, right? What is this?

Our body is in 3D. But what if your soul was in a dimension so bizarre that our physical mind can’t even imagine to conceptualize? It seems, you and I come from very far. So far, we don’t even remember who we are.

We have no recollection whatsoever. Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why life is such a mystery to us all? Have you ever wondered why nobody seems to really have THE answer to all our existential questions? Why do we have so many unanswered questions in the first place?

I like to believe that is the exact purpose of it all… Not remembering and not knowing. Where we go when we sleep, we don’t always remember our dreams let alone dreaming.

But just because we don’t understand what’s going on, does not mean there is no purpose for it at all… and the deeper I feel into it, the deeper I come to believe the purpose of all purposes is to grow and become our greatest version.

Where I was and where you were is irrelevant.

Where I am and where you are is what’s important.

To have a purpose in life we must give life a purpose.

To give life a purpose is the purpose of all purposes.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







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