The Process We Go Through

Nothing truly stays still in this world. Energy is always in movement. Newton and Einstein observed that phenomenon on a microscopic scale. This is good News because it means that even if it feels like nothing is changing in your life, according to the 3 laws of motion, everything is indeed transforming. It’s a reality that the naked eye cannot always see, hence why our mind cannot always grasp.

So it’s good to remind ourselves those laws when we start giving in to discouragement. The emotional, spiritual or physical efforts/energy that we are putting in to better our states are never in vain.

The reason why we often think nothing has changed is because it has been observed that one human thought travels faster than the speed of light. So it’s actually a very good thing that physical manifestations take time to realize. Could you imagine how it would be if everything manifested as fast as our mind thinks? It would be a totally different world. We have to be thankful that the process of change is slow to happen.

However, there are several ways we can trick the eyes to believe. Among the long list of things, I have found that the best way to see is not with the eyes but with the soul and heart.

I like to take time each day to cultivate feelings of hope.The more I do it, the more I see and believe that yes a change has come.

That change may be beyond what you can touch but it is certainly in the scope of what you can feel.

Change is just a state of mind.

The minute you set yourself on a quest to change and better your personal life or career, everything started to shift in that same minute.

Adjust your feelings and you will see clearly.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way





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