Vibrations Energy Frequency And Not Being On The Same Page

I mean to say when you step in here you have to be ready for the amount of love and honesty I intend to deliver. No holds barred anymore. I need to let it all out.

If  you can’t handle my corniness, you don’t have to subject yourself to me you know. I’m warm blooded but I can still talk about the cold ass truth.

I’m a bizarre individual you know.

I fit everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

I’m spicy but sweet.

Most of the time, my delivery is really awkward. I know. I’m working on it. I’m quite imperfect. But if you enjoy it and you are able to stick with it, I’m endlessly grateful for you.

I’m always trying to come from a loving place, no matter what. My little brother told me recently “there is not a mean bone in you sis, you’ve never been an hateful person”. You don’t have to take it from him since you’ve never seen him and I understand he might be bias because he’s the baby but hey I think if I would have mistreated him he would not lie about it. He’s a pretty blunt guy. Big fitness dude with an enormous beard. I look like the little sister next to him now.

Time passes by so fast. All that is left from the past are memories. But do you know what always remain? Energy, frequency and vibrations.

They are at the cornerstone of all our interactions and results we get in life. That’s all well and done but I used to not truly understand what it truly meant until not so long ago.

Basically put, miserable people are unhappy with happy people. Miserable people are happy with other miserable people.

Happy people are unhappy with miserable people. They are happy with happy people.

Broke people usually validate themselves by hanging around other broke people. Rich people enjoy the company of rich people.

It does not mean anything to me, but I realize it means a lot to the majority.

People won’t like you if they feel like you’re not on the same page as they are. Actually, no. Scratch that.

People who do not want to change or are not ready to break their paradigm will reject you if they feel like you are a threat to their already fragile identity.

They don’t realize the identity they think they have stems from ego and it’s not who they are. However, their level of awareness does not allow them to see pass what they choose to see.

If they are aware of their vibration but still choose to remain, they are in extreme cognitive dissonance. Their external reality does not match their internal reality. In other words, they are in a fight against themselves.

So you have to understand that if people reject you or push you away, it has little to do with you. If you are a level five individual at this time of your life and they are a level three, you guys don’t share the same kind of energy and frequency. You are vibrating much higher than they are.

If your level of awareness is wider, you have a much broader view. It can intimidate those who have a more narrowed perspective. I mean the bird is not as frightened as the worm.

Although the butterfly knows what it’s like to  be a caterpillar, there is no point for the butterfly to explain what it’s like to be a butterfly to the caterpillar, because the caterpillar has no idea what it’s like to be a butterfly.

The only experience the caterpillar knows is one of a caterpillar. Having wings and flying in the air sounds good in theory but in reality the caterpillar does not feel like it’s achievable. It’s something he will discover for himself once he becomes a butterfly.

Now can butterflies and caterpillars be friends or lovers even if they are not on the same page? I’m tempted to say yes of course they can.

If the butterfly does not feel restricted and limited by the caterpillar, yes they can.

If the caterpillar is not envious and jealous of the butterfly, yes they can.

If the butterfly remembers the process he had to go through and is understanding of the caterpillar, yes they can.

If the caterpillar does not feel interrupted in his transforming process, yes they can.

But in reality it’s much more complicated because 1) there are way too many different combinations possible and 2) maybe they are not even the same kind of species. Moths and Monarch are two very different breeds. Their metamorphosis process from caterpillar to butterfly is really different. On top of that, one species is nocturnal and the other is diurnal.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t take it personal.

Focus on being who you are right now. One day you will be more, but right now who you are is all you can be. Actually, it’s all you will ever be.

Trust the Universe to bring you what and who you need exactly when you need it. If you don’t have it, it means you don’t need it right now.

There is only one caterpillar allowed per cocoon.

And if you’ve already hatched out, always remember that while we are butterfly to some people, we’re caterpillar to others.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way









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