More Heart Less Logic More Confidence Less Fear

Too much logic is somehow bad for us, as stated by Bob Proctor in The Science Of Getting Rich seminar. It’s good to find an healthy equilibrium between rationality and intuitiveness.

The irony is that when we try to explain everything with facts, not a whole lot makes sense. Logic is good, but if we live too much from the head, we disconnect from the heart. And the heart is the essence of who we are. All the answers are there.

Einstein once said ” the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

Highly intuitive people tend to be happier and way more successful in life. The good news is we were all born with an inner guidance system.

Contrary to belief, most business decisions and concepts were made intuitively. Everything in this world, truly, was brought alive to reality from a dream or vision.

If you stay in a relationship/marriage or keep a job only because it’s the logical thing to do, you must be a very unhappy individual with a bitter heart, without a doubt. And not making yourself happy is the ultimate failure in life. Ego hurts people hurt people hurt.

The truth is, when we are not living from the heart space, we’re not doing nobody a service. If you think you must set yourself in fire to be loved and accepted, clearly, you are missing the whole point of love and acceptance. Matter of fact, I can assure you, if you burn and die, people may cry for a while, but eventually everything will go back to normal.

Do you know what’s really fucking attractive? Individuality. Someone brave enough to live out their truth. We are not our father, mother, aunt, uncle, cousin, skin, sexuality, gender… You are you.

Being afraid to follow your inner voice will make you incredibly miserable. And guess what? Nobody cares.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way











13 thoughts on “More Heart Less Logic More Confidence Less Fear

  1. According to my favorite clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, intuitive and open people create more businesses. Most entrepreneurs are open / intuitive types. However, most businesses are held together by those people high in logic and rationalism. That’s how James Kirk and Mr. Spock worked so well together.

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    1. Jordan Peterson makes good points in general. I just have a hard time understanding where he comes from sometimes, especially when he implied that women should get a 9-5 job in one of his old podcasts. But he’s good, regardless. I may have misunderstood his views but the comment section on YouTube confirmed what I heard lol.

      Asides from that… Everyone has the ability to be both intuitive and logical. We all have a left and right brain. It’s just a matter of exercising the brain like a muscle.


  2. Peterson makes the point that women fresh out of college are rocketing stars. Smart, ambitious and mostly out perform men. However…when women get in their 30’s and understand that to remain a Top-Dog competing against men and shattering the glass ceiling they need to work 70+ hour work weeks and sell their personal life to the corporation. Most women want to have kids, home, family, a balanced life. The ambitious career isn’t a good option for most women. Maybe a 9 to 5 job is a good option? Just my guess as to where he might have been coming from based on what I’ve heard him say.

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    1. Yes I strongly agree with you that a lot of women want a family and it’s their goal but I think it’s a misconception that women are happy in 9-5. A lot of them go through depression when the kids leave. And many women regret not following their voice.

      Also, I believe one of the reasons why women loose drive to accomplish their dreams or build strong businesses is lack of support. But this has more to do with the reality of entrepreneurs in general than only with women. The number one reason 90% of startups fail in their first years is not lack of resources, it’s lack of support which push a lot of them to give up. However females do have a more acute tendency to desire external love, acceptance and validation which does not play well with business.


      1. Well, you’re 30 ish and the biological clock is ticking. Give up the 70 hour work week and have a family or screw the family and give your life to a career. It’s a womans nature to want the family. So…after the kids have grown and gone NOW women have regrets they didn’t follow their dream? Shit, ya can’t have it both ways. Some can. Some are able to juggle both intense career and family, but not most. So, Start a career when your 50 after the kids are gone. If you have the energy. I had a business and let me tell you the energy it takes is a monster. At 50 is tough.
        And let me tell you, NO ONE is happy in a 9 to 5 job. Men or women, but someone’s got to do it.
        Back to Peterson…that’s why he observes that women give up the high flying ‘dream’ and stick to 9 to 5 jobs is because they chose family, which is their natural instinct. He’s not ‘telling women’ that’s what they should do. He’s a clinical psychologist and this is what he observes women doing. Good God, do whatever floats your boat. Who’s to say what’s right and wrong.


      2. Thank you for your passionate answer.

        I left the 9-5 paradigm a long time ago so I do understand how tough it is to run a business. It requires a lot of energy and sacrifices. However the law of sacrifice stipulates in order to go up we must give up. Giving up something of a lower nature to gain something of a higher nature. Passion, growth, patience, smart work, innovation and persistence usually go a long way.

        Everything is a mindset.

        It`s just an idea that we must have babies before 30. I know plenty women who had them in their 30s and they gave birth to healthy radiant kids πŸ™‚

        Everything is about priority in life. My beloved Louise Hay founded Hay House in her late 40s and it is a billion dollar publishing company today. I can give you many other examples like this.

        I see where you are coming from but we live in a new economy. Age has little to do with anything anymore. Energy has everything to do with how we think. It’s hard to build strength if we don’t feel strong.

        It’s actually impossible to accomplish and do anything if the mindset is not there πŸ˜‰

        It all depends.

        And I know that everyone hates 9-5. It’s truly not a way to live. I believe that’s why we’re slowly automating everything. The world is changing.


      3. Give up a lower to gain a higher through sacrifice. I believed that was true. I believed I had to ‘pay my dues.’ Have you heard of a book called The Entrepreneurial Myth? I read this book after I had completely burnt out..heart tremors, crying fits over this monster I had sacrificed 12 years of my life to create, barely saw my kids grow up, zero time off or vacations, and I had become cynical and mean in my outlook on people because I had given up one boss for hundreds. Everyone that walked through my door was my new boss, but I was ‘growing a business’ and sacrificing for a ‘future’ that my kids and my retirement would benefit from. I read that book too late. I sold my business after 12 years to an accountant with an MBA. He was young and smart and promised legally to pay me for my business, enough to supplement my retirement income and give to my kids. He trashed my hard work and sacrifice and business in 4 months. Trashed it and backed a truck up in the night, took the assets and never paid me a cent. My sacrifice of the low for the high was shunned by God. The world can be a hard place and people insane and mean and lying and your self-worth diminished and there are hard lessons to be learned about the people walking around. In truth with 20/20 hindsight, I would have been better off in a 9 to 5 job. So, yes, mindset is important. So is street-smarts and keeping a close eye open on those who will take you down. LOL…sorry…my favorite topic.


      4. Well if business is of lower nature, it makes sense that it feels like we give up something of a higher nature.

        That’s the law.

        But then there are 10 other laws, that I will not name here. We must be in harmony with all 11 laws.

        It’s not what happens to us but what we choose to do with what happens to us.
        Either we give our power away, or we empower ourselves.

        The option always remains yours, Eric.

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      5. No not at all. Alternate Dimension is not a business. It truly is just a free space. It’s a place I use to open my heart and heal freely without restrictions. I started this thing a year ago when I was on the verge of being homeless. I was living in a disgusting cheap studio with roof leaking next to neighbors with cockroaches while trying to get a third business off ground. Then sometime in between I passed out while at the bank and was administered to the hospital. My immune system had completely shut down. My life was not super rosie so for some reason I had insight on opening up to the world. I never did it for attention. I started doing it for me, for my own sanity. I needed a way to let go in a huge way. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t.

        I’m a self made I.T engineer. I design software, platforms and all things connected to I.T. I run a tech business that is not related to AD. Thanks for asking.

        What about you?

        By the way, when I said if business is of lower nature, I didn’t mean that your business is of lower nature, but that if you felt like you would have been better off with a 9-5 means that you think business is of lower nature hence why you feel you gave up something of higher nature.

        I hope I’m understood clearly πŸ˜‰


      6. I mentioned the book E-Myth (Entrepreneurial Myth) because everyone starts out in business starry eyed with grandiose ideas of being Captain of the Ship, Master of their Domain and in control of their destiny. Most start a business thinking they’re shedding their lower nature job to gain a higher nature career. The reality is quite different and, as in my case, I realized I had jumped into a dragons den and it’s very difficult to get out after the reality sets in. A slave to their own business and their own creation and lower than the lowest employee. Who do you think I found to clean toilets, wash windows, mop floors and stay all night to get a job done…ME. And who got paid? Everyone but ME. That’s why you have to have a business plan that includes an exit plan. Soooo..my business started out being a high vibration adventure, but flipped at some point. AND I GUESS that’s my fault for not being smart, alert to the flip happening and hiring the wrong people. Long story.

        That’s amazing you lifted yourself from not a super rosy place and your immune system shut down. Sorry to hear, but glad you’ve dug yourself out and up. I.T. Engineer is really neat. I have no idea what that is..well..a little but good work. Well done. Sounds like you’re on a roll. And your blog is cool too. Keep it going.


      7. I agree with you that everyone thinks being an entrepreneur is a luxurious lifestyle. Once on the wagon we realize the game is different. That’s why passion is important… The reason why someone becomes an entrepreneur has a lot to do with whether they are going to give up or push through hard times. I found that doing it for money or just to be your own boss is never enough to keep people going… The reason the “why” has to be way stronger than making a paycheck. Me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The perks of entrepreneurship are there and they are much more valuable than any other routes. I would never exchange the opportunity to do meaningful work I absolutely love for living life like an automaton. No way. Been there, done that. It made me depressed. I love creating, building stuff from scratch. If I can’t put my mind to work in a creative way, it does not work for me. I like planting seeds, taking care of the seeds and harvest. There is nothing like the growing process.

        It depends how we look at things.

        Being a leader is an ongoing learning process… and yes it usually means eating last. It’s not for everybody. It’s something that comes with the position. You can’t be a level 10 individual expecting level 4 individual problems… Level 10 means you’re going to have to deal with level 10 problems and issues. To whom much is given, much is also required.

        All the experiences you are stipulating is part of business… The way I see it, it defines the entrepreneur experience… We fall and we learn.

        If it makes someone want to give up, it means they’re not doing it for the right reasons or it’s not the right path for them. There is nothing wrong with giving up by the way… It’s a rational choice. Steve Jobs said himself “entrepreneurship is not for rational people.”

        I just think that everything in life is a mindset… Business does not escape that mindset reality.

        Our level of success equals our level of personal growth.

        Business is merely the reflection of the business owner. It’s not something we can escape… The business grows as our mentality grows. Vibrations are everywhere and part of everything.

        John Maxwell on leadership ” To take your business from level 4 to 5 to 6 to whatever level… You have to bring yourself there first.”

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