Self-Dedication And Commitment

This morning I asked myself this question “how committed are you to your own happiness?” For me the answer came quick and easy. Very committed. I commit that’s what I do. If I said I would do something you can be sure I will find a way to put it on the table, no matter how long it takes or what I have to do.

But it was not always like that. Well I mean, there was a time I was not aware that I was committed. Now that I have become aware of my commitment, the bounds are stronger and they seem to become stronger with time. Everything becomes a whole lot more meaningful when we become conscious of the commitment.

Some people are truly not committed to their own success and happiness in life. It’s the saddest thing I have ever seen. They need something external to themselves to keep them going. The problem with extrinsic motivation is that we don’t have control over it. If you rely solely on people or external forces to motivate you, you will run out of fuel pretty fast.

I don’t know what to say to you to make you feel like you are enough. If you ask me I know you are enough but what I see and what others see have no effect over what you see if what you see is stronger.

What we choose to believe is everything. Self-dedication is so important. You see, a ring on your finger does not mean anything if you can’t commit to the one person in the mirror.

This whole thing used to puzzle me so much. But now I get it. The harsh truth is some people are nothing without a relationship because they have no relationship with themselves. This gotta be the second saddest shit I have ever seen.

You gotta commit to your happiness you know. It’s your job to make sure you love your life.

“I want to be happy” should be a strong enough reason to dedicate some time at making something happen for you.

I have learned to measure someone by their actions because you see some people loyalty disappear in the face of opportunity. What you say may be nice on papers but if what you are doing is the exact opposite…

“Meh” Not sure.

Dedicate to your happiness. Walk the talk.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










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