Undesired Emotions And What To Do

Let them touch you.

Welcome them in.

Let sadness sadden you.

Let anger anger you.

Let confusion confuse you.

Let the pain hurt you.

Undesired emotions serve a much greater purpose than making us feel bad. They are necessary to grow. Let them change you. Let the force work through and for you. Let them help you become a better human being. They bring with them a message of love. They bring with them a healing serum. Let your undesired emotions bring you back to Earth.

If you have to cry, just cry until you start laughing for crying so much.

If you need to punch something, punch the wall and see who wins.

Contrary to belief, we don’t have to hold our emotions in. Each and every single one of them exist for a reason. Denying their existence is like denying the very thing that makes us human.

This experience is real my friend, as real as the source of your soul. So let the source guide and show you the way to solve all your problems through the realm of emotions.

They have not come to last but come to pass.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way








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