What They Don’t Tell You About The Law Of Attraction

Some of you may already know this information but the law of attraction is only one of the 12 universal rules (laws). That is what they don’t tell us. And that is why the law of attraction alone may not work for you.

In order to manifest the health, wealth, life, the partner or whatever you want, you must be in harmony with all universal laws. Not just the law of attraction.

Okay… quick overview…

1. Law of Divine Oneness : Everything we do, say or think is connected and affect all others and this vast universe we live in. Physicists call it Quantum Entanglement. We are all entangled through energetic strings. They also call it the String Theory.

Real life example : Hurricanes not only directly touch the area affected but the mood of everyone else that are aware of the hurricane even if they don’t live in that area. Our mood gets affected.

2. Law of Vibration : Energy is always in motion. Nothing is still. Each thing, sound, thought, emotion and words all have there very own vibration or frequency in which it lives.

Real life example : Party people usually hang around other party people because the vibration, the frequency is party. Addicts enjoy the company of other addicts because they are vibrating on the same frequency which is addiction. Miserable people like to be surrounded by other miserable individuals because their frequency is the same which is misery. Fitness people enjoy other fitness people because they all resonate to fitness. Shall I continue? You get the gist.

3. Law of Action : Since everything is always in motion, we must engage in some action that supports what we think about and or dream about.

4. Law of Correspondence : Everything has it’s own corresponding counterpart.

5. Law of Cause And Effect : Also known as Karma. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction.

Real life example : Arguing with someone will make you feel a certain way. However it makes you feel, the way you feel has a direct effect on your mood and the interactions you have. If you make someone sad, it makes you sad in return.

6. Law of Compensation : We are provided with blessings based on our deeds and daily actions. What goes around, comes around.

7. Law of Attraction : We create the things and events in our lives with the energies we create with our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

8. Law of Transmutation of Energy : All people have the ability and the power to change their current situations in life. You can do this by changing the energies that you are putting out into the world. If you are angry, the energy you are transmuting is anger, if you are cynical, the energy you are transmuting is cynicism, etc.

9. Law of Relativity : All things are relative. We are all given our own roadblocks, our own personal challenges we must face in order to grow as individuals and by comparing yours to other peoples circumstances is a waste, because there situations are different, yet, relative.

10. Law of Polarity : We live in a world of polarities. Everything has its own opposite. What is cold without hot?

11. Law of Rhythm : Everything in the universe has it’s own rhythm. These rhythms are what create the seasons. This rhythm is what the cycle of life is all about. All cycles have parts to them that we favor less and it is in how we deal with these things that are important.

12. Law of Gender : This law is also called the law of gestation. All things need a gestational period. This includes thought as well.

Real life example : It takes a bamboo tree 5 years to reach maturity, babies take 9 months to grow, etc.

Those laws have been observed by Physicists on a microscopic scale and it seems that everything obeys certain patterns. So we want to keep them in mind when facing challenges or when making changes in our lives.

Everything is a reflection of who you are and how you think. Your friends, your relationships, your bank account, your business, the clothes you wear… your pet…

We want to become aware of who we are in order to make significant changes. Do you know the core of you? Take a wild look inside. All the answers to your problems and issues lie within.

If the outside world is bad, we still have a choice. We don’t have to react badly.

If other people hurt you, you still have a choice. You can choose to become better than they are.

Your energy is all yours.

Focus on things that help you become abundant.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way












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