Quick Hack For Greater Self-Awareness

Today I’m bringing you a bit more on the freaky side of things.

Have you ever heard of mirror work? It’s a technique popularized by Louise Hay. But it has been used long before in different various ways.

The way it works is to stand in front of a mirror and stare at your soul for 15 mins. Louise used to suggest to say positive affirmations while looking. But today allow me to suggest something a little bit different. If it sounds silly, I don’t think it’s going to work for you because it gets really intense real fast when you do it right. You’re going to have the feeling you are staring at something infinite. It’s hard to describe. You’ll know when you achieve it.

Okay so if you can, stand in front of a mirror or grab one of any shape and size. The shape or the size does not matter as long as you can see your eyes.

Now if you cannot stare directly in your own eyes right away, it’s understandable. It’s really uncomfortable at first because we are not used to like our own reflection.

So begin small. Look at your hair, nose, lips, cheeks and slowly start the process of staring directly in your own eyes. Usually you would want to pick only one Eye. Now go ahead and try to make connection with your soul. Look as close as you can and loose yourself in the pupil of the Eye. Try not to blink or blink as little as you can.

You will know it works, once you go “oh shit” and can’t seem to be able to describe what you see. One of the thoughts you may have is that it looks like Space or the Universe but you can draw any conclusion you see fit. Which is precisely where I want to take you.

Now once you found yourself, you might want to say an affirmation at loud as suggested by Louise Hay. You can say anything. The first thing that comes in your mind. You don’t need to believe in the affirmations, just repeat while staring at your soul and become aware of how your body starts to react. Usually a warmth feeling will start to slowly take over you. You may start sweating, laughing uncontrollably or feel your heart racing. Those are all good signs that it works.

Example of affirmations :

  • I see you and I forgive you

  • I see you and I love you

  • I see you and you are beautiful

Now if you repeat this exercise for 30 days, something in you will drastically change, mainly the way you look at yourself and the water chemistry of your body. We are mostly made of water. And Dr. Emoto’s water experiment shows that water molecules react to sound vibrations by either forming beautiful shapes when manipulated with love or by forming unpleasing shapes when manipulated with hate.

So use the sound of your voice as a positive vibration and notice how you react. If you can’t make connection with your soul right away, try again until you get there.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










9 thoughts on “Quick Hack For Greater Self-Awareness

  1. I’ll have to try this, but I am skeptical that staring at my own eyes in a mirror will bring forth ‘the soul’. We’ll see, eh?


    1. Hm. Are you suggesting you are soulless, Eric? The irony of the mirror work is that it was geared towards mostly men! When Louise started years ago, her clientele were large groups of men. The exercise is much deeper than just looking at your eyes. It’s staring directly in your pupil (the black matter in the middle of the eye). Stare as if you are looking for something. As you blink less and less, your pupil will eventually start to dilate. If you achieve it, you will understand. If you don’t that’s okay. Try again.

      Asides from that, do you know Mooji? Here’s a nice speech of his I find particularly profound and it somehow relates to the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Ss5XjJ9Aw


      1. I have experienced no proof of soul or spirit. Period. I listened to Mooji’s talk and I’ve heard many many gurus speak the same. What I heard was a man running his mouth, using his brain, using his words to convince me of his own experience, which never works.

        Let me tell you about chocolate ice cream! Let me use my words to convince you to try chocolate ice cream.
        NO!!! Here…here’s an ice cream cone…taste it yourself. Ahh…now you taste it? Ahh…now you get it when you taste it.
        What spoke loudest to me in the Mooji video was the magnificent birds song. The yellow flowers, the dirt path and the trees standing strong and the sky in the background. That was truth for me. All the rest was just another man attempting to convince me of something, whatever that is, using words from his illusory mind and perception. Lead me to a dirt path in the forest and let me run my hand through the dirt, smell the flowers, hear the birds and see the sky. If there must be a soul in this world that is it.
        Now, let me go stare at my own eyes. I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks!!!


      2. Are you sure you are not a comedian? There’s humor in your answer. I did laugh quite a lot. Thank you.

        But asides from that, I understand why you would say that you never experienced soul or spirit. We live in a world that does a great job at separating the whole into small tiny little pieces until nobody haven’t got a clue who they are. I mean for the most part, western medicine does not recognize the soul as being part of the body. I’m guessing that’s why they’re basically falling at curing people. Also have you noticed how most of those seminars and spiritual gatherings are filled with western people? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The western world is highly disconnected. Some people are merely just a product of the western machine. But that’s another story.

        With that being said, if Nature represents Spirit for you, I think you have your answers right there.

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