Feeling Victim Of Time And Current Circumstances? A Deeper Look Into The Law Of Gestation

Okay. Let’s be honest here. Life is tough. Quite a bitch if you ask me. People come. People leave. Sometimes we get sick. We try so hard but we fall flat on our ass. What was first a great opportunity turns into adversity. We loose money, we struggle. And it seems, we are doing everything right, right?

Right. So what’s not working? Well… Our ungrateful attitude, my friend. Ouch. Sorry if I hurt you but it’s the truth. I’m alive, we’re alive and for the most part we have food to eat, bed to sleep and shoes pon the feet.

Everyday that we wake up is another chance to make it better. It’s another chance to make it work. I wish I had a better answer for you and tell you it’s some leprechaun fault but our attitude is truly everything.

On the surface it often time appears as if nothing is working but underground things are moving so fast it would blow your fucking brain out.

I mean let’s take a Brandywine tomato seed for instance. It takes the species about 100 days to reach full maturity. That’s roughly 3 months and 10 days. If we judged the plant on the second day, it would seem that nothing is there on the surface. But deep underground the particles are consuming nutrients and getting stronger. We know that and that’s exactly why we keep feeding it water and nurturing it. Because we stand in the knowing that if we stop caring for the seed, she will never sprout. So we believe and we fantasize about the day we will finally get the amazing opportunity to taste the fruit of our labor in a salad or on a pizza whatever your taste may be.

Well, too often do we forget that the law of gestation must be applied to everything in life, not just plants or babies. The law of gender or also called the divine law of gestation stipulates that everything has a gestation period during which it develops. For an idea, a goal, a dream, sometimes even a strong friendship or relationship to get to a satisfying point, it takes time and non-stop nurturing the same way a tree or an embryo needs it.

Matter of fact, that’s exactly what Change is. An embryo. A fetus. A growing seed.

The only reason why we get discouraged is because we haven’t got a clue when our efforts will pay off. I understand  that a business, a goal or a dream is hard to determine when it will sprout. But that’s exactly why we must never stop nurturing whatever it is we try to accomplish. Because we never know when the results will physically be satisfying.

I mean don’t give up because your book didn’t sell out the first month. Keep up. Refine your strategy.

Don’t give up because you haven’t lost a pound yet. Keep working out. Refine your weight lost strategy.

Don’t give up because nobody’s using your services. Refine. Refine. Refine.

Don’t give up just because you haven’t reach enlightenment yet. Again.

Nurture. Nurture. Nurture. Maybe try another fertilizer. A new strategy.

What separates people who ace in life and people who don’t is people who succeed stand in the deep knowing that one day, the seed will sprout and they will see results.

Everything needs nurturing. Nurture yourself. Nurture your friends. Nurture your family. Nurture your career. Nurture your dream. Nurture your goal. Nurture your body. Nurture your health. Nurture your bank account.

And above all, trust Mother Nature. You give to her, she will give you back. Although she’s cruel, she’s fair. Just be patient with her. She works in cycles. She’s slow but she heard you and she saw what you planted. Either you keep nurturing or you loose your seed.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way













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