Why Blessing Your Enemy Is Your Best Asset

We’ve all heard that before, I’m pretty sure. But to be honest with you, I never truly understood why. I never felt it inside my heart so I couldn’t speak. However, now I believe I can so I’m going to give you my version of why I think blessing our enemies is one of the best assets we can ever have not because I read it in some book but because I’ve finally felt it deep within my bones and soul. I understand.

First what’s an enemy? To me an enemy could be an entity or a being that will stop at nothing to make you feel unworthy. They can use words and/or behaviors that will make you question who you are. They can be your closest friend, your spouse, a colleague or worst, a family member.

Now you may not see them as an enemy but they might see you as being one. Why? Because an enemy is deeply insecure. They feel that their already fragile identity or ego is being threatened by you.

Those people usually live from outside-in instead of inside-out, so it’s not just you. They are not really good at introspection and looking within. They believe others and the outside world is the cause to their problem. It would never occur to them that the cause to their problem is themselves. And the more you try to bring them to a more centered and balanced place, the more resistance they will offer.

Most people do not want to look within. We rather point the finger.

That’s because not a lot of individuals are into self-growth and personal development. The percentage is very low. But the percentage of highly successful people is also very low. You see a correlation here? Yes. Most people are average. They think average. They act average, even sometimes below average. They surround themselves with average and they are happy. And that’s totally okay. They feel safe as long as they remain in their average world. They like their comfort zone and usually scare of the unknown.

Now let’s say for example sake, they happen to stubble upon you. You think differently, you don’t gossip nor complain, you are open-minded, you’re nice, you’re smart, you’re adventurous, you’re spontaneous, you work on yourself, you think for yourself, maybe you even have a little business going for you or think about getting one off ground… Or maybe you have a degree or some kind of merit. You are unique and seek what’s best. If it’s fair to say,  you are somehow above average.

From this perspective, it’s easy to see how such an encounter will make their whole world come crashing. You are the unknown. And now, every time they come in contact with you, they are prone to compare themselves. Comparing themselves means they have to go within, a place they hate going and visiting. Heck, some of them never even went there before.

Now they have all those strange feelings that their  close-minded mind will label as “bad”. They don’t understand those feelings that they see as a threat is actually a soul call to progress, growth and expansion. If they are not self-aware and don’t have the ability to self-reflect, of course they will think you’re the problem. I mean look, their whole world is average so obviously it must be you.

If everyone in the family is cool with bad behaviors whatnot and you stand there as being the one family member who thinks what they do is wrong, well obviously you’re the enemy. Are you truly the enemy? Of course not. You’re the only sane one.

Another example…

Say you’re the hard working one on your job or in your company. You rather skip breaks to go the extra mile and perfect your skills. It’s easy to see how most unlikely you are to make friends with your colleagues. They will resent you for making them feel average. Are you truly the enemy? Of course not. They’re average, they think average and  you’re the fucking shit, killing it.

If all of their friends have rotten teeth or no teeth at all, mental health problems, insecurity and communication issues, and you’re standing there nice, healthy and very confident, of course you’re the odd one.

Now it’s important that I say this. We all have issues. We all have problems. However, the difference is some of us are aware and truly making an effort into improving. And that’s exactly why your enemy hates you. You seek betterment while they do not. That’s also exactly why blessing him or her is the best thing you can do. They show you the way.

And you know what’s really ironic?

They don’t even know they are helping you.

If that’s not one of the greatest blessing in disguise one can ever receive, we are not here together.

Bless your enemies. Bless the people who reject you. Bless the people who abuse you. Bless those who ignore you. Bless those who abandon you. Bless people for walking out of your life. Bless people who gossip about you. Bless people who stab you behind your back. Bless everybody who lie to you. Bless those who cheat you.

You are highly blessed. Now go and leave me alone.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way









4 thoughts on “Why Blessing Your Enemy Is Your Best Asset

  1. Yes, theres definitely an element of the Jungian shadow at work in those kinds of scenarios. People see in the black sheep something of the unexpressed in themselves and they loathe it. Great musings there. Many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Leeby. The Jungian shadow is an interesting concept. I read about it and it makes a lot of sense. It relates a lot to the Johari window. Thanks for dropping knowledge. I always love to discover and learn new things.

      Hopefully you are doing amazingly.

      Infinite love and peace your way!


      1. Look here this is one of the best pictures I found that sums the project very well : http://www.xplaner.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Image002-640×633.png

        It basically stipulates each individual has 4 different “faces” to their personality:
        1. One face known to others and known to them
        2. One face known to others and unknown to them
        3. One face known to them and unknown to others
        4. One face unknown to them and unknown to others



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