2 Simple Ways We Can Heal The Fragmented Self

We’re all misunderstood and fragmented in some way. We walk around with a fragmented self in many cases. However, one thing that is truly amazing about human beings is that we have the ability to bounce back. So here I’m offering two easy ways we can heal the fragmented self. But first what is the self?

It’s an existential question that has been in the mind of people ever since we can remember. Nobody truly knows. However, there seems to be a consensus around the idea that we are spirit. In fact, many Neuroscientists whose field is to study the brain are saying that we are a bit like radio-transmitters. We receive information through bits of downloads.

Physicist Max Planck once said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

So when we look at that, it’s quite easy to understand that we are not our body, we are not our skin color, we are not our gender, we are not our racial background, we are not our hair or lack thereof, we are not our teeth, we are not our weight, we are not our eyes, we are not our income or lack thereof, we are not our genes… We are not Ego.

99% of who we truly are is invisible. Freaky, right?

Soul or Spirit is not something we experience, it is who we are (and I have a particular individual in mind right now lol. Yes I’m looking at you, you).

It raises the question, how can we heal something we cannot see? Well, with another invisible force, the mind, baby. We feed it love and positivity.

1. Affirmations : do you know that every time we speak, write or think we create affirmations? Everything you say everyday is an affirmation. It does not matter if you’re simply having a conversation with a friend, spouse or  colleague, every single sentence that comes out of  your mouth or mind is an affirmation.

Every time you declare something to be,  it becomes. So we want to become very aware of the thoughts and dialogues we entertain with others and also with ourselves.

Our subconscious mind never sleeps, my friend. Be alert of the affirmations you declare. If you are caught up in a negative conversation with someone, try change the subject or do not agree with whatever they are affirming. You want to create positive affirmations and a drama-free environment for your mind to flourish beautifully.

2. Mirror Work : Yes it does work. Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror with hate and disgust, take 15 mins out of everyday to pay your reflection multiple compliments, until you smile or laugh.

Remember, we are mostly made of water. And water is really reactive to vibrations. I mean it’s quite easy to see. Just put a glass of water on top of a speaker and play all kind of music. Notice how it reacts to each musical frequency you play. It’s the same for us. We are sensitive to frequencies. Some harm us, others heal us.

Be gentle now. Be nice.

We are fragile beings.

We are also creatures of habit.

To see result you gotta commit.

It’s all about vibes, vibrations you know. Nothing but the vibes.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way











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