Karma Explained – A Deeper Look Into The Law Of Cause And Effect

As we think of the good in others, they will in turn think of the good in us.

To empower another, is to empower yourself.

To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself.

And to free another is to free yourself.

What we do to another, we do it to ourselves.

Don’t worry about those who deceive you, they are deceiving themselves, even if they have no clue.

That’s just how it works.

Liars also lie to themselves. No matter what they believe to be true.

It’s the rule of thumb.

When we treat ourselves with respect, we tend to treat others with the same kind of respect.

If you know your worth, you are more likely to see the worth in others too.

For every single thought and action there is an equal opposite thought and reaction.

The law of cause and effect (karma).

Real life examples :

  • Cause : You party all night so go to bed late.

    Effect (karma) : You are extremely tired the next day so you are late to work and get fired.

  • Cause : You never communicate.

    Effect (karma) : Nobody hears you.

  • Cause : You don’t believe in yourself.

    Effect (karma) : You subject yourself to a mediocre life when deep down  you want more.

So if you want to know the state of your Karma, take a deep look within. Self-examine your life. What you tolerate and don’t change becomes your karma. The way we are internally is what we project externally.

For better Karma, we must ground ourselves in ourselves. Only then will we be able to ground ourselves in others.

Cause and effect.

We can change our life at any given moment.

All is required is a decision, an action for better effects.

Watch how the equal opposite reactions unfold in  your favor when you start thinking favorable thoughts, taking favorable decisions and making favorable moves.

And always remember that effects always become causes. It’s a chain.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










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