Letting Go – A Dive Into The Universal Law Of Non-Resistance

A quick search on the Internet reveals that the law of non-resistance is when we resist a condition, person, or thing that we don’t like or want, we are adding power to it.

If I can put it in pictures for you, compare the law of non-resistance to quicksands. The more you fight and try to get out, the tighter the sands wrap around you and the faster you sink. On the other end, if you just relax and let go, your body will float in it because your body is less dense than the quicksands.

Have you ever tried to make a kid who does not want to eat, eat? Those who have kids or have been around them understand there is no point in trying or even threatening the child. If he does not want to eat, he wont budge. Surprisingly, when we just release control and turn our back, the kid starts to eat on his own terms (well if we’re lucky, but yes it usually works).

So if you find yourself in a situation right now  that does not quite work the way you want, strop resisting, release control.

If someone just broke up with you and left you for someone else, don’t try to get them back. Let them go. Trying to get them back will only give them more reasons to leave and ignore you.

If you are running a business and you’re trying to get a deal you can’t seem to have, release.

If you are trying to communicate with someone who offers resistance, release.

If all your colleagues reject and ignore you, let go.

If the police pulls you over because you went over the speed limit, don’t say shit. Don’t try to justify. Don’t resist. Take it all in and just watch how the whole situation gets solve real quick (been there myself). They give you the ticket and everyone’s gone in a minute (well this assumes your license is in order).

Where there is resistance, it usually means there is another way. If the exit you wanted to take is closed, what do you do? You take another exit. That’s just how the law of non-resistance works. It’s a sign from the Universe that you are going in the wrong direction to get where you wanted to go.

Does it mean you need to give up on your goal or on your pursuit?

No. It does not mean you have to give up on anything, it just means you need to use another route to get there.

Does it mean you will never meet with resistance on that other route?

No. Resistance is part of life. The only difference is that it wont feel wrong to fight. If fighting feels like the right thing to do, instead of making you weaker, it will make you stronger. Just like in Star Wars. Fighting the resistance makes the Jedi stronger. A temporary win will always make you feel more powerful and give you extra juice to continue, and prepare you for the next resistance on your path.

But if the path does not unfold at all, wrong path.

If the door does not open, that’s not  your door.

Something much better awaits for you. Trust me.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way









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