The Thoughts We Think

The more I study this stuff, the more I study success, I realize how our thoughts are truly the gateway to everything.

Some men and women from all walks of life have accomplished so many great things when their circumstances were really bad. Nobody thought they had a chance.

Many men and women in their 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, 30’s, 20’s have done so much for themselves and they’ve left a legacy. Some big legacies, other more modest ones. But it does not matter the size. One thing remains, they’ve breached. Age, gender and cultural background are not factors of success. They’re not. And if you think they are, that’s your problem. Not mine. It’s a self-limiting belief you have to overcome.

The books I read, the seminars I watch, the people I surround myself with and me myself are all proof that we are what we believe.

So what do you fucking believe? Do you believe you are too old? Do you believe you are too young? Do you believe your gender can’t get you there? Do you believe your skin color is a limitation? Don’t buy into the social crap they feed you in the medias. Disconnect from the Matrix and connect with your inner source, your higher self. With it everything is possible. Workout your insecurities.

Whatever you think it’s true. So if you think you’re too old, well you’re right you’re too old. Not because you’re too old but because you believe you are. If you think you’re too young, that’s right. But only because YOU think you’re too young. If you think it’s too late, guess what? It’s too late for you, because that’s what YOU feed YOUR mind and your soul.

If you’re waiting for the right time, all successful people will tell you, you will wait forever. The path only unfolds to those who start walking.

You think they knew how to make the internet all the way? No. But guess what? They started. You think they knew how to build cars to the level they are today? No. But they started. You have to start somewhere with something. One bad product will eventually lead to a valuable product. One customer, two customers, ten customers and before you know it you have a thousand now.

If you don’t write the book, don’t expect to sell any books. One paragraph a day can go a long way if done everyday. Then thank your first reader. One copy sold is good. Keep going.

If you don’t start your business, don’t expect your business to appear. There is no such thing as nothing for something. And I have to say, sometimes we start a venture that turns into something else. But you will never get to see where it leads if you don’t start.

On the other end, if you are one of the very few people that have started something, well, that’s really attractive to me, congrats. But you know what’s more attractive? Finished business. Finish it. Continue. Don’t give up. Persistence beats all odds. Be opened to change. Be opened to reconstruction. Be opened to innovation. Just be open-minded to the idea that maybe the business you started in, is not necessarily the business you will end up in. But if you stop, you will never get to know.

Follow your intuition and above all follow your heart. Okay?

This is your human experience. Not your aunts. Not your fathers. Not your brothers. Not your sisters. Not your mothers. It’s your experience which means you choose, you decide how to live it. Stop blaming your family, stop blaming your circumstances, stop blaming the outside world for your own weaknesses.

Nobody has nothing to do with our own misery. If we don’t always choose how certain circumstances unfold, we can certainly choose how to react. Your decision. We either choose to become better or bitter. Stop envying the person with the million dollar business or the popular blog. They made a choice a long time ago. They also made sacrifices. They committed. You did not. End of story.

Nobody can force you to do things you don’t want to do unless there is part of you who accepts it and settles for it. And you know that. We are the master of our mind. If you believe otherwise, you’re in big trouble, my friend. I can’t help you and nobody can. You might as well stop coming here because sometimes, yes, I will go bunkers on you, like today. It’s necessary.

If you don’t want to go to law school, well, don’t go. If you go and you’re unhappy, it’s you, not your dad or your mom.

I don’t want to have a conversation with you about how you can’t be who you want to be or can’t do what you want to do because of xyz.

That’s draining and extremely non attractive.

Only victims love other victims because together they can complain about being victims. It works.

If you don’t want to take over the family business, well, just don’t. If you do it and you live miserably for the next ten years, it’s you, not them.

I find myself very attracted to people capable to stand for themselves and go for who they want to be. Settlers and people without a voice are unattractive, not to just me but to a lot of other people. That’s the truth.

We want to build a strong backbone. A solid backbone. Because adversity is part of the journey. But it’ extremely fulfilling and personality changing.

Go for your own and just watch how extremely attractive you will become in the process of building a strong character by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Not cocky. Not egocentric. Not selfish. But selfless, confident and opened. We have to be opened to receive. However, if you are scared and closed, it will never happen.

Just breach and build the human experience you want. It’s yours. They might not like it and not support it at first, but the people who truly love you will always somehow be there.

Change your thoughts, change your life.


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5 thoughts on “The Thoughts We Think

  1. I’ve had two businesses; a printing company and then a yoga studio. If you stand back and think, “Ah, I’ve built a business. Look what I have created!” At that moment you’re done, washed up. Having a business is like rolling a ball uphill. If you stop pushing it’ll roll back right over you. There’s a Chinese saying; When your house is done, you die. Your life is the same. Although, sometimes it’s great to take a little breather to sharpen your ax. You’ve heard the story of the woodsman. He goes into a contest to break the record for the most trees chopped in a single day. First day out he chops one tree shy of the record. Second day he chops 3 shy of the record. Third day, again short. He asks the wise old woodsman if his technique is wrong, what is going on that he keeps losing ground? The wise woodsman says, “You need to sharpen your ax every so often.”

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    1. Thank you for leaving an amazing comment Eric. It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments, even if your businesses didn’t stick, you know. It says a lot of great things about you. I like the story you’re telling here. Great lessons. I agree. Sometimes it’s good to stop to ponder and readjust the tools. But I also think it’s also important to never loose momentum while in the whole process to never loose grip sort to speak. Musicians can tell you that. If they skip weeks, sometimes just a few days, they don’t totally loose their musical skills, but they do say they get less good. Sharpening our tools is a great strategy but we must be careful to not use that as an excuse to stagnate. I mean a well sharpened axe is useless if we forgot how to swing it. Ya know?

      If I may ask, what made you go from printing to yoga?


      1. I had my printing business for 12 years and never had a down year. Every year topped the year before. 5 employees, $600,000 in sales when I sold the business. I was completely burnt-out. The skill that I could never learn was how to deal with people. you really need to be a people person in business. They baffle me to this day. It’s just not my strength, so I bailed out and sold it.

        In my effort to learn about people I became certified to teach Yoga and became a dharma teacher in Zen Buddhism meditation. As I pondered what my next adventure would be I thought a yoga studio would be a perfect fit. I was wrong. The world of business overshadows the fluffy feel good yoga experience. It’s all about the money and getting bodies through the door and paying the rent and paying the teachers and utilities. Customers are whiny. Yoga teachers don’t take it seriously and are somewhat flaky in not showing up for their scheduled class. I didn’t like the combination of yoga and business. So, I bailed. The studio still exists and is starting to breakeven after 5 years. I check in every so often. I could have stuck it out, but it would have cost me more than I was willing to invest. I would be in the grave before I could recoup any money invested. Not a profitable business.
        Momentum is key, for sure and I seem to have lost momentum somewhere after I removed myself from the yoga studio. So, that’s my short story. What’s next?


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