Post Traumatic Stress – The Link Between

After experiencing a series of traumatic events, some people may be tempted to give in to the belief that trauma is normal and part of life. While yes trauma is part of life, it is far from being normal.

Stress, abuse, dishonesty, lack, war and drama are very bad for the spirit. It affects a person long term.

Now I do know we all experience some form of trauma whatnot and that’s exactly why I’m making this post.

If you are reading this and you’re trying to recover from something traumatic or you know someone who’s been through trauma like adoption, sexual molestation, heavy bullying, homelessness, extreme poverty, war, mental abuse, emotional abuse, etc, I want you to know or let them know that only love is normality.

People get confused about love because many have no clue what it is. Well, look, we live in a world of polarity and correspondence. This means that everything has an equal opposite. If one thing is, that one thing can only be. We get it twisted and all messed up thinking love is pain and pain is love. That’s why a lot of people are suffering in the name of love. No my friend.

Hot is not cold and cold is not hot. Hot is hot and cold is cold, would you agree? Alright. So what makes you think that pain is love and love is pain? It’s bizarre to think like that, right?

Love is love and pain is pain. We have to start elevating our mind and see them as two different entities for the world and our human interactions to change. No amount of pain can make up for love. If it does, well, do you know how they call it? Yes. Trauma.

The world is fucked up because our level of consciousness is fucked up.

So if you are looking for an answer, well, this is it.

The collective consciousness is all over the place.

Now you start doing the work from within.  I do the work. You do the work.

Who are you?

Are you contributing to the pain? Are you contributing to the abuse? Are you contributing to the war? Are you contributing to the trauma? Are you helping? And I’m not talking about giving donations. I’m talking about your being inside. How do you feel? What’s your vibe? What does your frequency look like? How do you treat yourself? How do you treat others? Is your mind right? Is your heart right? Is your soul checked? Do you live in your ego or heart space?

Who are your friends and family?

Are they contributing to the pain? Are they contributing to the abuse? Are they contributing to the war? Are they contributing to the trauma? Are they helping? And I’m not talking about giving donations. I’m talking about their being inside. How do they feel? What’s their vibe? What does their frequency look like? How do they treat themselves? How do they treat others? Is their mind right? Is their heart right? Is their soul checked? Do they live in their ego or heart space?

Have you hurt someone recently? Is there someone you know you owe an apology to? Are you ignoring someone you once loved making them heartbroken out of their guts? Are you enjoying the feeling of vengeance? Are you vengeful?

Do you know that a simple phone call or written apology can go a long way saving someone? Or even better. Several innocent lives.

The same way people make us go through trauma, we also happen to make them go through trauma as well. But it is possible to ease someone’s pain with acknowledgment.

There is a fine line between being a justice warrior and an asshole.

If you seek justice, let the Universe take care of it.

The way others treat you is their karma and the way you react is yours.

For instance, let’s say you’ve apologized but they never replied or never called back. Don’t get offended now. Your karma is clean. Move on. What they choose to do is their karma. Let the Universe handle them.

There is no need for more trauma in your life or in anyone’s life.

If something utterly wrong happened to you years, months, weeks or days ago, you know how it feels. So why repeat it? Stop with the mental illness bullshit. You know it’s wrong. It was not right when it happened to you. It does not make it right if you do it to others.

Get your mind, your heart and your soul right.

Time to get some healing going here.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way









3 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress – The Link Between

  1. I believe, after finally stumbling upon the exact description of what I was dealing with and I’ll share it here…and I know you dislike Jordan Peterson…and I know I make too many unwanted comments here….but he was the first one who accurately pin pointed what was going on in my mind…FOR 4 1/2 YEARS; https://youtu.be/etaGybo7g3w , that I had PTSD. I couldn’t let it go. I HAD to figure it the hell out. I HAD TO. It nearly drove me insane..and I trusted no one…and I turned cynical…and reclusive…and I deleted my blog because I can’t stand my own voice…my own thoughts..and sharing them is dangerous. However the person that tipped me over the edge into the abyss was also suffering the exact same thing. We came together and dragged each other in the depths. She refuses to talk to me even though I’ve tried every damn thing I could think of to fix this and convince her to speak to me. We could have figured it out together and be done with it years ago, but I had to muck my way through the swamp of my mind by myself…and that was damned hard. So be it. Almost to the end of it..wheww..

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    1. Thank you Eric. Who said your comments are unwanted? Have I ever made you feel unwanted? I like when someone strikes a conversation and shares with me. I learn, I grow and give what I can give in return. Please keep being yourself.

      I don`t dislike Peterson per se, I don`t know him as a person. I disliked that one seminar but else I think he shares great information. I believe we don`t all click with the same teacher/master. There`s a master for every student. So I think it`s great that you finally found a way to receive the message. If you like him and you resonate with him, definitely sticks with him. This is your way back up. You already know what they say… when the student is ready, the master appears. When the sick is ready, the healer appears.

      With that being said, we all have some form of PTSD from a previous situation that left scars in us. Some more severe, some lighter. But it does not matter the severeness. Trauma is part of everyone`s life. We all have to face it at some point. The question is whether we`re going to let it build or destroy us. I think you’re getting stronger. You’re self-aware and that’s all it takes to heal. Do you know how many people are not even conscious of their own trauma, feelings and behaviors? Most. So love yourself. You seem to be a sound guy, to me.

      About relationships… It sounds like you were in a codependent relationship and those types of relationships are the worst. We often think two broken people can fix each other but it never truly works. Especially if one of them is not ready to heal.

      Do you like Leo Guera? I absolutely love him.

      Have a look here he explains that point very accurately : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTPoxoQSb4o

      It’s 20mins. Let me know what you think.


      1. I watched Leo’s video. He breaks relationships into three digestible segments. Co-dependent, Independent, and interdependent. I think. Very nice bite size pieces. He sounds really knowledgeable. I’ve never heard of him before this. He is a great source. Thanks

        As far as my little 9 month relationship (friendship) with a yoga teacher I hired who was in a distressed situation living in someone’s home, no real job, no car, no friends, no romantic relationship for 10 years or more and I attempted to help her with money, time, car, friendship and employment…if she called, I was there. Always.

        For the past almost 5 years I’ve studied every word spoken, every conversation between us, every action taken by either of us, yes, I’ve been obsessed to figure this out. She flipped my world. I believed in her, trusted her words and I backed those words up with positive actions. There was not a single action I took that was against her in any way. I feel betrayed and deceived.

        However, there were a couple times where I verbally questioned her motives and maybe said a few things that could be considered as off. I wish I could take them back now and I’ve tried repeatedly to apologize with cards, gifts and verbally. She zeroed in on those verbal comments and tossed me aside like a used up dish rag. I could write a book on this.
        What I’ve discovered is more complicated than me simply being co-dependent. I was definitely the weaker personality. She is smart and quick and dominating. I would guess her IQ at 140+. But through studying I’ve come to realize she might be Borderline Personality Disorder. She fits all the traits or symptoms. Link to a video on BPD. https://youtu.be/rZdjbLFPr5k

        Humans are so damned complicated. How do you know from the start what the hell you’re dealing with. Maybe it’s me with Borderline Personality? I don’t discount that at all.

        Anyway, thanks for the Leo link and the listening ear.


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