About Giving Our Power Away

Sometimes I go over the posts I write and I realize I don’t always have the words to get my message across. But you need to understand where this blog is coming from. I mainly focus on the self, the higher self. Very few of my articles point the figure at something or someone. I’m always trying to bring it back to you, so that you become conscious and aware of you. Because that’s the Secret. You are the Secret. You hold the Secret.

It would be too easy to blame external circumstances. That is what most people do. Most people are ego centered. The “poor me” dynamic. After meeting a lot of people like that in my life, I got to a point I started to become extremely repulsed by ego centered people.

Very few people want to take responsibility for how they feel and how they behave. Only the brave and courageous seems to have that ability. So it is true that I don’t believe in anything that is aimed at taking someone’s power away, even mental illness. After studying psychology for a whole year in University (years ago), I realized none of it made sense. And many searchers and scientists still question the validity of that field of “practice” due to lack of proofs.

I think people love to give their power away too much and use the premise that “it is not my fault” or “it just happened” to justify hurting others.

Nothing just happens. It’s too easy. It’s unattractive.

Take control over your mind and realize that yes, you are the Master.

We have allowed a world where people are being excused for harming and treating others like dirt crap. It is somehow acceptable for certain people to behave the way they do because it’s not their “fault.”

No such thing. They call it mental illness for a reason. The problem is inside. People don’t understand the meaning of it. They think it’s an excuse to not do the work from within. You have to understand that half the medicine on the market are placebos. Sugar pills. And you have to understand that when you heal, the pill has nothing to do with your healing. That’s what they want you to believe so that you can give healing power to the pill when in fact, all the power comes from within yourself.

Ain’t that crazy?

You give your mind, your soul, your heart, your power, your identity and your individuality away. That’s why some people seem to act crazy. They live from outside-in. No one is home.

Or what if they are home? What if they are conscious and well-aware of the hurt and the pain they are doing? Is it too hard to imagine, that yes, it’s a possibility?

We rather think that they are unconscious. Not there. It’s easier and we sleep better.

It is too frightening for most people to acknowledge the idea that maybe yes some people are evil on purpose and they know exactly what they are doing.

We call it disease. What is disease?

The only disease we have as a human species is the belief that we cannot heal ourselves, my friend. This belief is largely spread in the West.

The Vatican, the Peruvians, the Native Americans and all those Tribes have known the power of Spirit for a very long time.

It was also no secret to the Egyptians and the Sumerians that spirit is linked to everything. That’s why a lot of people think the “Western Man” is crazy. Totally disconnected.

Albert Einstein once said “the future of medicine is one of frequency”

We are not chemically bound. We are vibrationally bound. And that’s something Quantum Physics are working hard at proving.

They know there is something else at play here.

But you see, the problem with the Western World is that most of us don’t want to do the work. We are disconnected from self. We give our power away. We try to explain and excuse bad behaviors with the word “chemical imbalance”. There is no real proof of that as stated by Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in the Myth of Mental Illness.

What they don’t tell you is everyone is chemically balanced differently. They don’t know where to draw the line of “balance versus imbalance”.

The human genome/gene is too complicated to decode.

So what does that tell you? Yes. They want to control you. And the best way to do it is by manipulating your beliefs. Why? Because even they know how powerful a belief is. Even they know if they control your mind, they control everything else. Even they know everything works from inside-out.

Interesting isn’t it?

Some of us are supporting a system that does not support us at all. We allow external forces to dictate our thinking and behavior. We freely give our power away so that we can blame others if something bad happens. We like to believe we are victims.

Whatever you believe you become. That’s the only truth. And they know that. But do you know that?

The power is truly within you. But if  you don’t believe it, nobody can truly help you and you will keep giving your power away thinking someone else has to heal you.

It’s quite an irony, right?

If you want to heal and free yourself, you need to start thinking for your own self and stop giving your power away.

 It’s uncomfortable to look within but it pays huge dividends.

Elevate your mind to the idea that the power to heal and become better is within you.

Leave the labels alone. You are not a label.

Take your power back. This human experience is all yours.

Just be free. Love yourself. Accept yourself.

I love you dearly and… not just me.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way











13 thoughts on “About Giving Our Power Away

  1. I won’t click ‘like’ to this post because you’re talking new-agey spiritual non-sense that I USED to subscribe to and USED to believe in. I assume this post was perhaps a response to my comment. Maybe? I have no idea. If you’d like to respond to my comment it would be best to directly respond to my comment.

    So, here’s a perfect example. I write a heartfelt comment describing a situation in my life. Instead of understanding by attempting to see it through my point of view, you point out how I need to own it and grow up and fix myself and stop giving my power away. Yet, you have given your power to me by side stepping and not facing me one on one. And NOW I’m giving my power back to you by writing this drivel.

    We all give our power away. In a marriage it’s all give and take. “Does this dress make me look fat.” The response; No dear you’re lovely.
    Every time you go to work for a paycheck you give your time and power so you can pay the rent and eat. You say, “yes, that’s why I am self employed’ and I say, “Yes, but now all your customers are you bosses. You’ve given your power to them.” And that’s OK. That’s life.
    In order to survive in this world with other humans power sharing is key. Sometimes you’re on top and sometimes you’re on the bottom.

    Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-polar, depression, schizophrenia, narcissism, psychopath, sociopath is REAL. If you’ve never been in a relationship with a narcissist or borderline personality disordered person then you don’t have a clue of the ways they can manipulate your mind. If you’re a normal human walking around and are suddenly, unexpectedly in a relationship with such a person it starts out very very smooth. You aren’t aware of what signs to look for. They are very practiced at being suave, charming and flattering. Once they gain your confidence and trust then they dig their stilettos into your spine and break you…and suck your power and twist your mind.

    And chemical imbalance is REAL. I am on two cancer hormones, Lupron and Bicaludamide. Honey…it’s been a struggle to remain upright and centered. I would welcome a pill to offset the highs and lows. I haven’t yet, but I have seen a doctor about it. My neighbor is schizophrenic and the only reason he is alive and functioning is the drugs they prescribe. If he goes off those meds, his life is over.

    Anyway, that’s my take on your post. I should not follow you anymore. I seem to get into these rants. Sorry. I guess you’ve stolen my power. With that, I take it back. May you always find a way to keep your power. Namaste.


    1. Thank you for your comment Eric. It’s my style to reply directly to comments, isn’t it? Usually if I don’t reply I have nothing more to say. If you remember one of the previous conversations we had, I specifically stated that this blog is for my own healing first and for most. It’s very therapeutic. So I’m speaking to me when I write and If I speak to someone else too, well that’s great. It’s never a requirement to like what I share. It`s totally okay and I’m totally fine with that. We all heal differently. And we all believe different things. Whatever we choose to believe.

      Have you read The Myth Of Mental Illness by Dr. Thomas Szasz? I’m opened to that information because I support everything that supports internal growth and expansion. That’s just my way of seeing life.

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      1. I got a little carried away with my comment yesterday, which is not unusual. I seem to be headed down a completely different path than the one you’re on. When I read your blog I might get triggered, because I’ve spent so much time, money and effort on that path. I’ve been following the spiritual path you’re on and it’s not working for me. As I do a 20/20 hindsight view of the spiritual path I followed for close to 15 years, I can see that its never worked for me. Not once. I don’t mind working and being challenged and persisting and perhaps some growth pains along the way, but there comes a time when you have to look around and decide that this isn’t the right path for me. It feels like I’m rowing against the flow. Oh well, onward and turn the boat around.
        I have not read The Myth Of Mental Illness. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.


      2. I understand. We all follow a different path. But usually when we get triggered, it means that there is resistance there which could be a good sign…

        Enlightenment is tough. Growing spirituality is one of the hardest thing one person can do because it requires us to look within, self-analyze and self-actualize. Most of the time, our ego prevents us to expand. It`s an inner battle we all have to deal with.

        My spiritual path is not a specific path per se. I don’t know what path I’m on. I don’t categorize it. I just know I am on something big. I’m welcoming the change and following the flow. It’s useless to fight myself.

        If what you’re doing is not working for you, it means dig deeper to understand why. It’s about getting down to the roots.

        If you choose to go with a mental illness label to explain everything, there is nothing wrong with that. But as I am saying in my post, it does not take you away from having to work from within. Emotional distress is real and usually, the pills dont do much.

        My best friends brother was categorized as being schizophrenic. He hung himself in the tree behind his adoptive mother house about 10 years ago. The pills he was taking were not helping him. They made him feel worst. And the way they treated him at the hospital was inhuman.

        The medicine system in the West needs to change, Eric. While they are good at healing things like physical wounds like open wounds, they are very bad at healing the root cause of a disease. They have no idea how to heal emotional distress. They don’t.

        With that being said, the placebo is not a new age thing Eric, it’s been used for centuries. Every practitioner knows about it. I’ve also studied Psychology. I’ve seen their DSM. We are introduced to it because we are trained to recognize symptoms. And you see that’s the problem with their ideology, they think they can treat emotional distress like they treat the flu. It usually fails. The human psyche is way more complicated than a couple of symptoms. And most of them know this. Also, the problem with the DSM is that they add and remove mental diseases as they wish. If you compare the DSM I with the DSM V you will realize they’re two totally different books.

        We’ve made many studies that prove the power of the mind. We took two group subjects. We gave group A pill A and told them they would feel symptom A. We then gave group B pill B and told them they would feel symptom B. Little they all knew, we gave them sugar pills. Well, after a while, group A started complaining about symptom A and group B started complaining about symptom B. This is well known in the field. The power of the subconscious mind. This is how powerful our brain is. If you put a couple of symptoms out there, there will be people developing them.

        That’s all I’m saying here Eric. If we look for responses outside of ourselves, we are straying away from true healing.

        Now, you’ve said you never experienced the Spirit or Soul, have you ever thought about going on a real retreat? Are you opened to meet with a Guru? Would you be open to try Ayahuasca in Peru? It’s been used for centuries…


      3. You’ve inspired me to dig into the myth of mental illness. I’ve watched a couple Dr. Szass videos (good points) and this Stephan Moylneux video. https://youtu.be/eOScYBwMyAA Makes sense. A lot of sense.
        Also, I went to the library and got a book; A Mistake Was Made, but not by me, by Carol Tavris. It’s on cognitive dissonance and cognitive bias and how we justify the hell out of whatever belief we’ve taken to be true even if the evidence is clear to the opposite. I MUST BE RIGHT!!! (She has videos also) This ties into the Mental Illness Myth that’s running rampant.
        There are therapists who won’t knee jerk to write a prescription for Prozac. So, yes, there are people with problems and suffering, but maybe they can be helped in a natural way without drugs or extreme measures.
        Once again…thanks for your good posts here even though sometimes I protest. Shakespeare, ‘Me thinks thou dost protest too much.’


      4. I just read your update. I agree with everything you wrote. I learned how the DSM is updated by a bunch of psychiatrists voting and not in a scientific manner. Gay’s used to be classified as mentally ill, but now they’re not. They just willy-nilly vote things in or out of the DSM.

        I did see a psychiatrist at the cancer institute I go to because I was having emotional problems with the hormones I’m on that suppress cancer. He immediately wanted to write a prescription. I told him I didn’t want to take any more pills and I’d find a way to deal with it.

        I’ve been on many many Zen retreats and Yoga retreats with intense sitting meditation. I’ve been on two 14 day vision quests, one in New Mexico and one in Vermont by a shaman named Sparrow Hart. They were great, but I didn’t have a vision or come to any healing. We fasted for 4 days alone in the wilderness and studied some rituals before we went into the wilderness alone and talked as a group to share our stories before and after the quest. It was interesting. Sparrow Hart has been doing vision quests for 30 years or more. Good guy. He’s done Ayhuasca and says it’s very powerful medicine. I have not tried it. I used to think I would want to try it, but I don’t anymore.

        No, I have no reality on soul or spirit or God. I remain open, but you’d think it would be real to me at this point, yet I find myself drifting farther and farther from that idea. No problem.

        And I would not be open to meeting a Guru. If there’s a soul/spirit/God then I need to find and experience this on my own and I would expect I wouldn’t have to travel 3000 miles into the jungles of Peru to find spirit. Like you ‘ve said, look within. I’m right here. If there’s spirit then it’s right here too. So…where is it? I’ve studied the teachings of Buddha and Christ…

        You’ve done ayhuasca and psychotropic …drugs or the like?


      5. I haven’t done Ayahuasca yet. It is something I’m open to do, although, I don’t feel the need to do it. It’s more for experimentation.

        I suggested it to you because it is powerful medicine and I’m thinking since you haven’t experienced Soul or Spirit, maybe you need a more vivid experience that your studies dont seem to be able to “provoke” or “awaken” in you.

        If I recommended Peru is because there is a well-known retreat there many Western people attend to be healed by the plant and it’s the plant country of origins. The Peruvians know how to use it as they’ve been using it for centuries.

        I have experimented with psychotropic substances in my early Youth, maybe once or twice. Powerful experiences.

        With that being said, I have a question for you, what are you looking for exactly?


      6. I happen to be sitting here with a cup of tea, so I’ll respond. I used to have a desire to go to Peru for ayahuasca retreat. I studied it and there was one retreat center called Hummingbird Healing Center that looked ligit and I had a little email back and forth with the owner. He asked me why I wanted to do ayahuasca. I told him that I was curious and interested, maybe to learn about spirit. He wrote back telling me that that’s not a good enough reason and I’d be wasting my time and money. He told me I really needed to come to ayahuasca with a deep burning question and need to be healed. He also told me that it’s not correct to think I’d find ‘healing’ in a week or two week retreat and then go back home all fixed. He said there are shamans who have been working with the plant for years and they barely have a grasp of it. Even a month is kind of not enough time. I found his response refreshing and honest. He wasn’t in it for the money or to sell me anything.

        I read some articles on ayahuasca centers in Peru saying that they are popping up like McDonalds all over Peru and to be careful because there are some quacks and fakes trying to lure people and they don’t know what they’re doing. People can get hurt really badly with the wrong shaman or fake shaman.

        So, I realized I don’t really need ayahuasca. There’s also a center that opened in the USA, Oregon or Washington state…I think it’s called Ayahuasca Healings. They started a religion..ayahuasca religion, so that grants them the legal right to use the plant, but the Government may have revoked their status? I’ll have to check. Anyway…I don’t really have an interest anymore.

        I used to believe in spirit, but not anymore. David Eagleman has a good theory or philosophy, which he calls; Posibilianism. http://possibilian.com/
        I think this really fits my mental frame for the idea of spirit. I don’t know and that’s ok and I’m not going to go looking for it. Eagleman also points out that our perception of the world is very narrow. Our biology limits our perception. We only see, something like, 10 trillionth of ‘what’s going on’ and I gather our sense of feeling isn’t much better. https://youtu.be/1X1mry35ykQ

        What am I looking for? I have about 15 years left of this life. I would like to find something to become interested in. Cooking? Wood carving? Writing a book? Travel? At the moment, I don’t know!!


      7. Good question. In my way of thinking there are two reasons for meditation as was taught by the Zen Masters of the school I practiced..Kwan Um School of Zen. Here’s their teaching; ‘Try Try Try for 10,000 years, get enlightenment (Buddha Nature) and save all beings from suffering.’ This was taught by Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn.
        My interpretation is; 1. to put down thinking mind and live in the now.
        I saw how intense meditation helps to understand your thinking mind and bring it back to NOW. It’s subtle, but it works. Like going to the gym for your mind.

        2. Find your Buddha Nature or spirit or enlightenment. 15 years of hard practice and I never never even had a glimpse of spirit. And neither did the thousands of people I sat with over the years.
        So…that was my question!! What’s the point? And that’s why I don’t sit meditation anymore. People are sitting meditation trying to ‘get something’ but there’s nothing to get. Just learn to let go of your thinking mind….or don’t become attached to thinking.


  2. PS, I was attempting to delete Erics Illusions completely and be gone from this blogging world, but all I wound up doing is changing the name to lakskjf. FYI


  3. I love this post!!!! Love it! This describes the exact journey I have been on this last year! The journey has been my whole life but the last year was when I decided to take my power back and wake up! I think I need to read this again when I get home from work tonight and comment again on specific points, as my blog is about my journey but not my background and how I got to this point of taking my power back with my mind, just snippits of what I have “discovered” about myself the last year.


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