About Giving Our Power Away – Part II

A year ago, I started blogging here. I didn’t have a clue of the purpose of the blog when I was inspired to name the blog Alternate Dimension but I knew it was the start of my growth journey. I needed to produce a shift in my life so the name sounded perfect.

Now if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that I support everything that is aimed at helping free humanity of the mind control and expand to higher purposes. I bravely stand by my beliefs and I support every author, researcher and thinker that share the mission of elevating humanity to new paradigms of thoughts.

I support freedom of mind. Freedom of thoughts. Freedom of expression.

I’m well aware that it can take the world centuries to better ourselves and become stronger as a species. But I’m hopeful that one day we will stop giving our power away.

Every scientist or “new age” thinker was once ridiculed before their research was widely accepted. Many have perished in their time trying to help humanity grow and awaken. They’ve been persecuted, murdered, rejected. They were labelled as outcasts and crazies. But I wonder where the world would be today if it was not for those brave souls who stepped out of the box, regardless of the ignorance of the crowd.

I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone was subscribing to the beliefs of the Majority. And I’m sure nobody would want that too. We would have not advanced and evolved.

Einstein once said : “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

It’s not because everyone believes something that it is the Truth, you know. One man could be right and a million wrong. History shows the majority is often never right. The middle man is a follower, not a leader, not a thinker, not a researcher, not a game changer.

It only takes one person to be right to change the course of millions of lives. I stand by the side of all those great men and women who are not afraid to say “everybody is wrong and crazy.”

Thanks to the Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill, Carl Jung, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Newton, Bruce Lipton, Thomas Szasz, Max Planck, Plato, Socrates, Lara Boyd, Wright Brothers, Samuel Morse, Harriet Thubman, Sadhguru, Rene Descartes, Daila Lama… and so many others for bravely standing alone helping humanity step out of their deep ignorance.

If it was not for those brave men and women, if everybody thought like the crowd… We would still be living in a world where crimes against humanity were encouraged not punished.

We would still be living in a world where…

  • Homosexuals were sent in Psychiatry and lobotomized

  • Homosexuality was a mental disease in the DSM

  • Slavery was legal

  • Drapetomania was a mental illness (Drapetomania was a conjectural mental illness that would cause black slaves to flee captivity.) Because you know, nobody sane would want to escape slavery, right? Those who wanted to escape had to be mentally challenged or something was wrong with them.

  • Women had basically no human rights

  • People were burnt alive and beheaded for expressing themselves

  • … etc.

So, as long as I’m alive I will keep questioning authority and I will keep standing by the side of everyone who does. Whether you do it or not is your choice.

But me, I will always stand by the side of those not afraid to voice their concerns about the direction humanity is following.

What you decide to do is your business, but just understand that it’s not because 10 people say “blue” and 2 people say “green” that blue is the right answer.

Never be afraid to stand alone. Be strong.

Eventually, the crowd, the little man always catches up.


I believe in the power of the mind. I believe there is tremendous power in the subconscious mind. I believe mathematician Rene Descartes when he said the pineal gland was the seat of the soul.

I believe in Neurosciences and Neuroplasticity that stipulate that we are not victims of our genes and  that physical diseases are caused by a negative mental environment.

I believe that we are more than our bodies, genders and sexuality.

Yes. I believe in limitless possibilities. I believe in those few men and women who are trying to elevate the human consciousness.

I choose to wake up everyday with the belief that yes, it is given to everybody to better their circumstances, no matter how poor, sick, dark, white, fat, skinny, small, tall, disabled, incurable they are.

So many people were told they would die, they did not.

So many people were told they would not make it and they did make it.

So many people left for dead… rejected… treated like dogs… They’re now the faces of the world.

That’s what I choose to subscribe to.

At the end of the day, we’re all subscribing to a program, the question is which one? And is it serving you? Is it serving others?

I love intelligence, creativity, individuality, imagination, weirdness, courage, ambition, difference… and all those little things that make you who you are that everybody rejects you and secretly envy you for.

Embrace it. If you stand alone, I stand alone with you.

Never give up on what makes you unique.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







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