Love Within Love Without – The Zero Point Field Part II

As above so below.

It’s one of the hermetic principle. That principle takes roots in Ancient Egypt.

What’s above can be found below and what’s below can be found above.

The further you seem to get, the closer you also get. The feeling you get of drifting away is actually the same feeling we get when we’re getting closed.

Everything is one and the same in this Universe.

Where there seems to be separation there is actually none.

There is no such thing as too late or too early. You are where you are precisely right on time.

As within so without.

There is no out there without in here. There is no in here without out there.

Our internal state is affected by the external world. Likewise, our internal state affects our external world.

Real life example :

It rains outside.

If you prayed for rain to help grow your crops, you are most likely to be happy with that. If you are happy (internal world), the rain becomes beautiful (external world).

On the other end, if you hoped for a bright sunny day because you wanted to go hiking, you are most likely to be unhappy with that. If you are unhappy (internal world), you see the rain as an awful thing (external world).

The dimension within. The dimension without.

As above so below. Hell can be found on Earth so can Heaven.

Hell in your mind = hell in your heart.

Hell in your heart = hell in your mind.

Heaven in your mind = Heaven in your heart.

Heaven in your heart = heaven in your mind.

If it’s hell in your mind but heaven in your heart or hell in your heart but heaven in your mind, eventually one or the other will transform in the other because everything in this Universe is programmed to seek equilibrium.

If you don’t do it consciously, it will happen without your consent, unconsciously.

Let’s be more grateful and aware, shall we?

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










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