Synchronicity – The Language Of The Universe

Do you believe in coincidences?

According to Psychologist,Carl Yung, there is no such thing.

And if we dig much much deeper than that, we also realize that the Sumerians did not believe in coincidences neither. They framed the terms cause and effect way before our Times. It’s actually one of the hermetic principles that the Egyptians used to live by.

Then if look in Quantum Physics, they talk of strings, entanglement and unified field.

So… If we go with the Newton premise that energy can’t be created nor destroyed, it makes sense to think that something has to cause whatever energy to transform and take another form.

Let’s take the example of water which is a liquid energetic form.

Extreme cold  causes water to freeze and transform into ice.

Heat will cause water to evaporate and become air.

Same water, just a different form. And it was no coincidences. Something happened and changed the state of water.

So far so good, right? I mean everyone understands that when it comes to Nature.

But why do we have trouble applying the same principles to us, human beings?

We are energy, just like water. Actually we’re 70% water. And I think that we vibrate at a much faster rate than any other element in the Universe. I mean it takes quite some time for water to freeze or evaporate, unless the temperature is extreme. However, us, we have the ability to shift from warm to cold back to warm, almost instantly.

Just like water, there is always a cause for a human to shift.

On that premise, would you agree that when we shift, our world also shifts with us? When we change our whole world changes to match the frequency we are in. I mean if one is miserable their world becomes misery, right?


So do coincidences exist? I don’t believe they do.

If nothing ever happens without a cause, well it means, there is never nothing for something it’s always something for something.

Can’t we reap an oak tree without planting an acorn? If you don’t do it, somebody has to, right?

Roger that.

Everything is done in the background if you’re unaware of who you are, the way you think, your thought process and your behavior. The way you speak, what you write, the way you respond and react, you know.

The way we see the world, the way we treat others is all related.

There is no accident or mistake, even if the circumstances don’t make sense at first, they usually do when we remove the shady ego.

If you think you yourself have nothing to do with your results, you’re in bad fucking shape, my friend.

We are water and water is energy alright, just become conscious of that.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










15 thoughts on “Synchronicity – The Language Of The Universe

      1. “If nothing ever happens without a cause, well it means, there is never nothing for something it’s always something for something.”
        Read what you wrote and keep the illusion of free will in mind.
        Where did thought come from? Did you create it with your ‘free will’? Did you take action with your free will? Is there a ‘you’ that changes the world? If so, then you created something from nothing as you wave your mighty ‘self’ around like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. Is there a ‘you’ standing outside the world with strings like a puppeteer directing and manipulating? Or is that your ego illusion of self separation? Humans desperately cling to the idea of free will. It’s the basis for religion. My brain knows I’m about to pick up this cup of tea and drink it up to 5 seconds before ‘I’ decide to pick it up.

        I don’t know..people have written books that can explain it better than I can, but your post is a good pointer


      2. I think you missed the part where I said “if you think you yourself have nothing to do with your results, you’re in bad shape”

        You can relate to my post the way you want, it does not matter at all.

        But in Physics it’s well known that a particle can be at several places at the same time and that the observer influences time space and behavior of that particle. A thought is said to behave like an electron.

        Whether your brain knew or not that you would pick the cup before you did, every Physicist and Neuroscientist knows that we are not inside our brain and that the commends do not come from there. That’s not where we are or else we would weight much less when we die. That’s not the case. There have been several cases where they remove brain parts said to control movement and speech and the person could still move and speak normally.

        In a sense, yes, the future controls the present. But which future of yours? The future in which you break your leg or the one in which you become a millionaire by 65? It’s understood that without the future, there is no present time. But in an unified field of infinite potentiality, there are infinite probabilities. Yes the probability of you picking the cup is somehow already mapped but there are many different versions of that probability. For instance you wearing green socks and pickup the cup or you wearing blue socks and pickup the cup etc. The probabilities are infinite. It’s possible to add more probabilities to the map or else it wouldn’t be infinite nor could we call it Physics. In other words, if the map of probabilities was definite with X numbers of possibilities of you picking up the cup, they would have found out by now. But that’s exactly why they’re struggling right now. I think Brian Greene could tell you “it’s a weird world in the Quantum world” there is no definite action or time or space there.

        Anyway. I don’t mean to be rude at all, but I feel like there are two people in this world. Those who believe they have no free will and those who do.

        People who like to believe they have no free will are usually the ones who want no responsibility for their life, thoughts, feelings, behavior and actions. They believe they’re a victim of their biology, brain, circumstances and other people, which is okay, but they usually not very happy people.

        Something for something means you’re not going to get positive results with a negative attitude… that’s basically the basis of the post. Cause and effect. There is no religion here. I often relate to Quantum Physics the way Tesla and Einstein saw it, as well as Max Planck and many others.


      3. I disagree on just about every point you made here. Feel free to investigate the following if you have an open mind, but I feel you’re too locked in to your cognitive bias. That’s fine. You’re post just jogged my mind to no-free-will. No problem. I shouldn’t have commented…as usual..my bad. Sorry. Oh, and check out these HAPPY people who don’t subscribe to free will; Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Susan Blackmore, Adam Bear, Issac Newton, Benjamin Libet (famous experiment where he proves the brain knows 5 seconds before you do), psychologists Dan Wegner and Thalia Wheatley, David Eagleman..to name a few.


      4. I’m not looking for a thing. I read, I practice, I observe my world and I come to conclusions mostly based on my own observations of life. Same as you.
        So, I read a blog. It sparks a thought. The blog has a comment section. I falsely believe the person who wrote the blog wouldn’t mind discussing their blog. So…I write a comment.
        I’m going to unfollow your blog, which I should have done a long time ago. Good luck in your life.


      5. I was wondering, I meant to ask you, are you not self-aware of your thought process?

        I’m just unsure that you fully understand the mission of this blog. It’s about healing and self-empowerment. Empowering the individual self. So if you think about it, that makes sense I would support free will theories. But look, if you don’t share those beliefs and my healing techniques do not work for you, maybe unfollowing me is the best choice for you indeed. Because the goal wont change. It’s not a political blog, it’s a healing blog. I’m creating a nice environment for personal growth and self-expansion for those willing to heal with me. I want to keep the energy high and the vibes good by sharing theories that give power to the people, not take it away…


      6. I finally read your reply. My feeling on your blog and reply to comments is that I find you are rigid and inflexible. You have the healing answers and no one can say different. But, most people are this way and the more intelligent you are, the more likely it is you’ll bend facts to fit your beliefs, as this video explains…but I’m sure you’ll disagree..or not watch it…LOL.: https://youtu.be/kyioZODhKbE


      7. Rigid? How? Stop projecting yourself on me. Where do I say that I have all the answers? Do you understand when I’m saying this blog is me sharing my journey? The answers are for me. If it gives answers to you well good for you. All I’m saying is that I believe in free will even if I know it can be an illusion. That’s it. I never argued in the first place. Everything went out of proportion. There’s weird energy around you, dude. You told me you tried a lot of things but nothing works, have you ever wondered why? Something works for me, so it must mean that I’m somehow flexible, yes? If you think I was frustrated with you, you really need to reevaluate some things. You’re fighting with yourself.


      8. Look. whatever you’re going through right now I understand. But just know that so do a lot of us here. I refuse to be the end receiver of whatever you’re dealing with.

        So for healing purposes, I’m kindly asking you to keep your weird energy away from this blog.

        I hope you find healthy ways and the strength you need to get that stuff out of your body/system so that your mind and heart find equilibrium.

        Otherwise you are welcome.


  1. I just read your reply to my “weird energy”??? My dear, as Shakespeare wrote…me thinks thou dost protest too much.
    And…as I predicted…it appears you did NOT view the video on Confirmation Bias that I suggested. However…I’ve viewed EVERY SINGLE video you suggested..from ice baths to Michio Kaku. I’ve read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your blogs, and made comments where I was interested or a spark was ignited. I believed I was taking an interactive OPEN MINDED approach to your blog instead of simply clicking ‘like’ and moving on as most people do. I was open to engaging in conversation. Ooops..I was wrong.
    Sorry to have bothered. Me and my weird energy will bow deeply and take leave.


    1. I did watch the video. Of course I did. But there’s something about your energy lately that is really different. It’s the second time you’re having a fit here on a -personal- healing blog. I still think you’re a smart guy. However, there’s a huge difference between the constructive comments you once used to make and the ones you’ve made lately. They don’t really compare. You’re being short tempered and nasty. This has none to do with the Eric I used to exchange information with.

      I’m sending you all the blessings you need so that you have the strength to go through what you are right now. Take care of yourself.


      1. I understand. Thanks for your observations and concern. Long peaceful days and pleasant nights to you.


      2. Thank you Eric. I hope to see you around sometimes. You know, I wanted to say this. Reading my blog is not about reading every single one of my posts… It’s about whether you gain something from it or not. If you don’t get anything from my posts, reading them is a waste of your time. My true inspiration is for you to get something out of it. If you don’t, there’s no hard feelings 😊


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