One Easy Way We Can Empower The Self

I find that every time I look for answers outside myself, it creates in me a deep sense of unworthiness and despair.

For instance if I google “what is wrong with me?” I feel like shit and I go down an infinite spiral of shitting on myself. Not good.

On the other end, if I look for answers inside myself, it makes me feel better. When I google things like “what can I do to improve myself?” or “how can I become a better person?” it tends to make me feel like I can improve and heal. It’s suiting. It’s relieving. Makes me smile. Very good.

Little by little I have stopped asking dis-empowering questions like ‘why does everybody hate me?’ or ‘why do I always attract the wrong people?’ I go for empowering questions like ‘how can I love myself a 100%?’ or ‘how can I attract all the right people in my life?’ or ‘how can I heal from the past?’

Whatever we look for we tend to find it. In other words, when we look for problems that’s usually what we find.

Empowering questions focus on internal growth which is proven to make us feel like things can get better.

So if you seek personal growth and betterment a bit like me, you will find the method particularly healing and fulfilling.

The trick to get empowering and productive answers is to ask empowering and productive questions.

All the right answers will come to you when you finally start asking the right questions.

Ask something nice. Instead of asking ‘what can I wear to hide my 3 stomachs?’ go for ‘what can I wear that will compliment my shape?’

Try you will see.

The quality of answers we get is literally determined by the quality of questions we ask.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










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