Quitting Blogging? Too Much Pressure? – What Happens Next

About three weeks ago or so I hit the 500 posts mark. That’s a full year of everyday delivering posts after posts.

I don’t say that for you to congratulate me, but so that you understand sometimes you may not always relate to what I deliver, because some days, I don’t know how to translate my feelings to make sense to you, especially when I’m in a very great mood. The last thing I want is to brag about how great things are because this place is about healing and becoming our best self.

I have healed so much through those 500 posts, even my family noticed how different I am. I’ve ignored them for over a decade and these days I’m able to be in the same room with some of them for more than an hour without getting in an ethical or physical fight. They haven’t changed much, trust me. But I did. And I did not do it for them, but for me.

My frequency has become so high that they’ve somehow did change a bit. They treat me differently because I react to them differently. I’m my own person and they are their own individuals. I’m now actually able to keep my good vibrations around them and transmute the energy in the room by simply not absorbing their negativity. I don’t say anything, I just slowly change subject. I don’t judge them as much anymore as well. They are who they are.

With that being said, my hope is to add value to your journey through mine. I’m always trying to find new ways to get in the zone with you.

However, I realize I don’t always have the words. I’m still a human being. I never said I was perfect.

I always make an effort to at least post something. It’s just something I must do. I have to do it. You now what I mean? That’s just what it is. Blogging is the first thing I do to start the day off well, even if I’m already in a super mood.

I don’t do it for money, that’s not my career, it’s just something I do for personal growth purposes and I’m thankful for your support. Every time I see you hit like, it means you found value in the message and I was able to add value to your journey. That’s the gift I’m looking for.

Love me or hate me, what can I do? I’m not going anywhere lol. I love it here. And I love you. I ain’t quitting the journey. Matter of fact I’m just scrabbling the surface.

I’m very big on the idea that we can heal and change our life if we are unhappy. I changed my life for the better and it is changing everyday. I truly believe in the power of awaking the higher self.

If you don’t believe in your mystical higher self, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe we’re a mismatch. But that’s what I believe and I will continue to believe in it because it works for me. If it does not work for you, do you, boo. But my “why” is really strong. There’s a lot behind it. I was never entitled to nothing. Not even my biological parents.

So I wake up everyday on a mission. My mission is to prove myself I can make it and overcome all the limits and all the paradigms in which I was born. My mission is to overcome the very limiting mindset I was brought up to believe. Let me tell you that nobody will stop that. I have an iron will. I don’t believe in giving up. I believe in commitment.

I’m overflowing with hope, love, persistence, perseverance and all that addictive sugary corny stuff they use to create unicorns.

I’m just sharing with you my overflow. If you hate sugar, I’m spicy too. If you hate spice, well, how about flavor? Everyone likes flavor, right?

I’m here to deliver that. A wild range of flavors.

Ive been exposing myself to the world for a year. For me it means overcoming a lot of my fears. I still can’t even post pictures of me here like a lot of you do. But I’m working on my shyness and my anxiety.

Anyway. It’s not that serious, you know. Life is great, not because it’s naturally great but because I believe it is.

If you believe life is shit, guess what? Shit is on you. That message of mine wont change because I see how my journey has changed when I started committing to think better.

But I’m aware that changing our thoughts is not something that happen overnight. It requires persistence and setting a habit until it becomes natural.

So yes, it comes from a genuine and authentic place when I post things about how powerful you are and how the Universe conspire in helping us all. It’s my experience.

I didn’t want to believe it before, but it’s true. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Our whole perspective on the world can change with just a thought.

And it all starts with you. The love you have for yourself.

Love yourself. I can’t stress it enough.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way







9 thoughts on “Quitting Blogging? Too Much Pressure? – What Happens Next

  1. Your blog posts have always been perfect in every way …I always admire how you are able to write exactly what you mean and very effectively making the perspective clear. Wish you the best of ease and joy on your journey ahead.

    Liked by 2 people

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