How To Get Things You Think You Don’t Have

I used to feed off a poverty mindset. I used to think I was lacking in certain things like love and wealth.

Little did I know, it’s the very thought that I was in lack that made me feel like I was lacking.

Most people feed off a poverty mindset until they die. They think they need things and people outside themselves to feel complete. There’s a lot of incomplete and half people walking around.

Little do they know, we’re all complete.

Sometimes we think that people can take stuff away from us. That’s an illusion played by the ego. Nobody can take away things you already have inside yourself. That’s the abundance mindset.

The abundance mindset teaches us that everything we can get outside, we already have inside. However, when we feed off a poverty mindset, we think we don’t have it inside therefore in need to receive it from the outside.

The very fact that we think we are empty inside makes it impossible to truly receive it from the outside.

Many individuals wait to get it in order to give it. With that poor mentality, we risk waiting for a very long time or even forever.

You see the best way to get something we think we don’t have is to give it away.

Say for example you wish to have a good friend. You wait for that friend to come to you so that you can be a good friend in return. You think “well, I don’t have a good friend so I need a good friend first in order to be a good friend in return.”

That’s the poverty mindset.

The best way to get a good friend is to be a good friend first. However your ego may persist in thinking “how can I be a friend? There’s nobody around that I really like.” Ironically that is exactly why you don’t have a friend. Instead of waiting for somebody to befriend you, go and befriend somebody first. They’ll befriend you in return.

That’s the abundance mindset.

If you give what you want, it will always come back to you.

But in order for us to be able to give what we think we don’t have, we need to erase the very thought we don’t have it to give away.

Remember that everything is energy and energy needs to be set in motion in order to circulate.

If you don’t set anything in motion, nothing will ever circulate back to you. You will always feel and be in lack.

Let’s apply this to money.

While you may think “I barely have enough to make ends meet, how can I give?” I can bet you right now there is someone in your city or town that will be happy with a quarter or two.

The idea here is not to think that if you give a dollar, you’ll receive a dollar. No. The concept is to gradually create in you an abundant mindset that will slowly set things in motion and make that energy circulate back to you so that you never FEEL in lack. If you never feel in lack, the energy you give away is abundance. Therefore the energy that comes back to you is abundance. You see what I mean?

Let me give you more concrete examples.

  • Poverty mindset : I don’t have time to help that poor lady cross the street. I’m going to be late.

    So this assumes you are lacking in time causing you to feel lack causing you to set lack of time in motion. Guess what circulates back to you? That’s right. Lack of time.

  • Abundance mindset : I’m already late anyway. I should have get out much earlier. I don’t mind helping this guy by giving him the directions he needs to go downtown (or whatever the case may be).

    See the difference? Yes you may be late. But now you feel good and abundant because that’s what you’ve set in motion and it will eventually circulate back to you under another form.

Everything we need to receive, we already have to give.

I know it can take a while to grasp the full concept of the abundance mindset because the ego is really powerful and good at making us feel empty.

But once you truly get it, once you truly start understanding how energy works and how to transmute it from the heart, things will just start working out for you.

You are complete.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way
















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