Embracing The Purity Of You – How To Strike Gold

Gold is the most precious metal that exists in our known Universe. It is a malleable superconductor said to be the purest element one can find and it serves a myriad of purposes.

Matter of fact, when the dollar decreases, the value of gold increases. It is something I’ve learned recently when I was reading more about portfolios. Turns out that gold will never run out of value.

In the future, cash money and credit will hold no monetary value because we will reach a point where we will print more money than the actual demand. That’s why a lot of people have developed new forms of currencies like bitcoin and cryptocoin. As technology progresses, new currencies will also emerge.

I’m diverging a bit, but it’s worth mentioning that buying gold is not as expensive as one might think. One gram of .999 gold is around 50 bucks. That’s a good way to save for rainy days.

.999 is 24 karat. Everybody already knows this. It’s nothing new. Just bare with me, I’m taking you somewhere.

The more impurities that gold contain the less valuable it is. When we strip it down from copper, silver palladium and any other metal it is mixed with, the purer and the more valuable it becomes, even if what is left is smaller than a finger nail.

This is ironic because these days we tend to believe more is better.

What makes that metal even more precious is that we have to dig very deep in the ground and take wild risks in order to get it. The deeper we go, the more we seem to find, but also the more dangerous it is. Any other metal that we can get fast and easy at the surface is not as valuable.

That’s what it means to embrace the purity of you.

It means you are willing to strip  yourself from all your impurities down to your core because you understand that what is left holds much more value than anything you present at the surface, even if it is smaller than a penny.

Impurities are all those egocentric things that take away your true value. It is the hate, the resentment, the anger, the bitterness, the jealousy, the envy, the depression, the sadness that you keep in.

An impurity can also be a self-limiting belief that is preventing you from reaching your highest potential or a grudge you hold against someone.

Something wonderful happens when we are willing to go deep and let go. We are left with emotions/elements and habits that are pure gold.

All the other things at the surface, things like our skin color, body, hair, income, title ,etc, are silver, copper and palladium.

They are impurities. They are far from being as precious as what we can find in the deep, dark, musty and scary underground that is our mind and heart.

There is a gold mine inside all of us. Take a risk.

Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way












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