Sweetness And Bitterness

When we lose the sweetness of life and become burdened with the struggle of life, it is not uncommon for us humans to turn sour and bitter on everything and everybody. This means on ourselves as well. Sometimes we are so poisonous inside that we don’t even realize it.

But there is always hope, even if you’ve been venomous and sour for a long time.

Whatever we seek is seeking us.

We can change what is seeking us by changing what we seek.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who love the attention of being miserable. Some people feel so miserable they think they are trapped. They don’t understand how they can get out because they are unaware of the way they think, react and respond. What they seek is more misery, drama and trauma, therefore more misery, drama and trauma is seeking them in return.

Self-awareness is really important you know. You have to become aware of who you are and who are the people around you right now. It holds all the answers to your current situations. Your world is a reflection of you, my friend. There is no separation here.

There is also no shame in making the realizations that sometimes we are assholes towards others and ourselves.

It’s alright to kick your own ego. It’s even necessary for success and awareness/enlightenment.

If you cannot let go of your ego, you will never become self-aware and you will always feel like a victim of life, because our ego is a false identity.

The ego’s answer to everything is “because of them, because of others, because of him, because of her, because the Universe hates me, because it sucks…” I know it’s hard to come to the realization that, hey, maybe you’re sleeping right now and you’ve been sleeping for your whole life.

As long as you remain unaware of YOU, your shadows, your egos, your perks, your weaknesses, your likes, your dislikes, your fears, your strengths… Life will always seem to be out of control.

The day you understand and realize that the cocaine you’re maybe sniffing, the weed you’re smoking, the alcohol you’re drinking or any other destructive behavior of yours, the extra weight you maybe carrying, is a reflection of your inner world, is the day you wake up.

You see the link.

When the link becomes visible to you, the link no longer controls you for the sole act of awareness changes it.

Now I know that some of us have been abandoned, sexually molested, physically abused and emotionally violated when we were children. However, despite the heavy trauma, we can choose our fate right now and not let that control us any longer.

However you are taking this, just make sure to always remember that there are always underlying forces at play in this magnetic Universe we live in. In other words, you are a living magnet just like the seed in the ground attracts to her what she needs to sprout, you as well.

We are constantly pulling and attracting stuff to us. Likewise, we are being pulled by the same stuff that we are pulling towards us.

In other words, something, someone, is always seeking you.

Make sure it’s not hell or the devil himself.

Let go of your ghosts. Let them rest in peace and they will stop haunting you.

Get rid of the skeletons in your closets.

Be fearless in the face of evil for evil is faceless when we do not seek to give it a face.


Infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom your way










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